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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.09.08

There's not much out there this AM.

Here's the Scoop!

There has been HUGE fan backlash over the killing of Emily Quartermaine. I have been seeing some rumblings that they may be trying to get NL to sign a new deal and right the wrong they have made. I wouldn't get too excited though. There was a break down in talks when they were working on her current deal. Time will tell on this one. 

Carly, Carly, Carly.....always in everyone else's business.  Jason does tell Carly that he is in love with Elizabeth and no matter what Jaosn tells her, Carly in convinced that Elizabeth is keeping Jason away from Jake.  She goes back to Elizabeth's after talking to Jason and tells Elizabeth that Jason needs to be with his son and Carly threatens to "pry" Jake out of Elizabeth's arms if she has to.  Carly goes to Sonny and tells him to have Diane file papers for Jason. Sonny will let her have it.  

Remember I told you about the problems starting between Sonny and Jason.  Will Jason imply that its Sonny's fault he has to stay away from his son?  Yep!  Or at least that's the impression Sonny gets.

Robin is RUMORED to witness one of Carly's attacks on Elizabeth.  Robin sticks up for her friend which of course has Carly and Robin getting into it again. 

Elizabeth threatens Sam!  She threatens to tell Lucky how Sam watched as Jake was kidnapped.  Lucky comes to Elizabeth's and tells her that Sam would never put Jake in danger.  Will Elizabeth tell Lucky how Sam has already put both boys in harms way?

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More about the bomber!  Its his wife, a pregnant wife, that needs medical attention.  Ms. Sneed informs him that their lack of insurance requires that they go to the county hospital.  When he returns to the the ER, Regina asks him if he's fixed the problem with his insurance company.  He says yes and opens his coat to show the bomb strapped around him.  His wife is with him.  Remember I mentioned Jason will know the bomb is a fake because no father would put their child in harms way.  At some point the bomber grabs Sam and Jason talks him down. At the hospital, Sam is RUMORED to hear Jason and Liz say I love you to each other.

RUMOR that Luke leaves Tracey a note after he's disappeared. It's supposed to say something like he's ok. Obviously this it to accomodate TG's vacation and would mean that JE is not off while he is.

Skye is said to exit on the 11th. She has goodbye scenes with Luke and Edward. 

There have been RUMORS about a Liason Marriage for awhile now.  There are once again RUMORS that Jason and Elizabeth do marry to show a united front for the custody battle.  The RUMORS go on to say that the proposal is very sweet.

Real Life Drama.... there is some talk that Steve Burton will be offset for a few days and that filming is being adjusted to accomodate this.  The rumblings are that one of his kids has fallen ill and has been hospitalized.  We hope all is well for the Burton Family and wish a speedy recovery.