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Keep The Girl Power Strong!

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Days Of Our Lives has a bad habit of making the women characters on the show a bit...well shall we say pitiful. Marlena and Belle in particular....ah heck add Sami too. Writers have a bad habit of making these women seem weak, vunerable, and completely dependant on a male counterpart. Or so they think. But with John's 'death' and the birth of 3 great children, the Brady women seem to have finally gotten out of that slump and have started to show some backbone!

Marlena is the head of the group without a doubt as she has taken the victim image and thrown it out the window. Good for her! Since John's "death", Marlena has been a woman on a mission to find John's "killer" and put Stephano behind bars. Now I'm hoping her new found independance and strong willed attitude can rub off on her daughters Belle and Sami more to keep the momentum going. I for one am happy to see these 3 ladies kick some male shovenistic egos around Salem...particularly Stephano's!

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