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Robin is Pregnant with Patrick's Baby!


Just confirmed in SID... Robin is pregnant and Patrick is the father courtesy of a broken condom. 

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And Baby Makes Two:

For the record, Robin knows the answer to how she got pregnant. Here is more of a practical question...which is soon answered thanks to overhearing a conversation of Patrick's. "It's Patrick's baby," says KMc. "It turns out Patrick knows the condom broke, that there was something wrong with it. But Robin didn't know."

At this point its becomes Patrick's turn to be missing out on information. "She chooses not to tell him that she's pregnant, " says Kmc. "She knows that he doesn't want to be a father. There's the issue of Patrick maybe thinking that Robin got pregnant on purpose. Also, with him not being ready, he might say he doesn't want the baby and ask her to get an abortion, which she would never do".

When was the conception?  Apparently it happened off screen.  It looks like Robin and Patrick did a little more than hold each other the night of Georgie's Funeral.  If its a girl, should they name her after Georgie?