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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.10.08

Here's the Scoop!

Jason will tell Carly he's in love with Elizabeth.  Even though he left that part out yesterday, he does in fact tell Carly the truth later this month.  Jason will have to lay it all out for Carly and it may not be pretty.  Carly needs to back off!  Are the RUMORS about this friendship taking a serious hit, true?

Lucky and Liz share a scene at GH during the whole bomber/house fire stuff.  Its RUMORED to be a nice scene for the former loves. Is this the calm before the storm?  Remember, Sam is going to start hinting to Lucky about Jason and Elizabeth's secret love nest.

Robin's Pregnant!  I've been waiting for this storyline!  I mentioned that Robin passes out in front of Patrick and at first it was RUMORED that she's just not been taking care of herself with all that's recently happened. Well its not exactly Robin passing out... she hits her head. Patrick and Robin are trying to get Nikolas into a room when he has another rage episode. Nikolas pushes Robin who hits her head. She'll be dizzy afterwards and think its just from the knock on the head she took.  When she has another dizzy spell later, she'll consult Dr. Lee who tells her the good, but unexpected news.  She's pregnant!  Parick is the father thanks to a broken condom that he knew about but never shared with Robin.  She'll overhear a conversation Patrick has that will clue the doctor in on how she's with child.  It's Robin's turn to keep a secret.  Patrick knows she went to a sperm bank.  He doesn't need to know she didn't get pregnant there.

Fan response to the Diane and Alexis stuff has been HUGE.  Are the RUMORS about the ladies becoming partners true?  I haven't seen that in awhile but I have seen that Alexis could be reclaiming her seat as DA.  I'm not too sure about that though, Alexis figures heavily into Jerry's storyline.  Alexis is attacked on the docks.  She'll receive a text from the killer and so does Sam!

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Sonny is back in Manhattan!  Restraining order be damned, he misses Kate and she's missing him too!  While getting ready to depart NYC for Paris, Sonny shows up on Kate's doorstep. Not able to stay in Manhattan the pair takes a trip down memory lane and head to Bensonhurst.  Is Sonny popping the question? Yes! He has a ring with him and gets down on one knee.  Is Kate saying yes?  It doesn't look like it.

Monica is defintely hitting the bottle and most likely already has been.  Is this why she freezes up in the operating room?  Could be.  There's more coming up for Monica as she is grabbed by Joe the Bomber.  When Jason arrives at GH, Joe asks who he is and Monica has a less than positive answer regarding her son.  Elizabeth is hurt though and Leo needs Monica's help.  She'll get free from the Bomber with a little help from Jason.  It looks like Monica freezes up yet again and is unable to help Elizabeth.  She'll hand Elizabeth's surgery off to Leo and sneak a drink.

Elizabeth is in bad shape!  When Leo comes looking for Monica, he says she's bleeding out.  How is she hurt?  It happens during the fire.  Remember, Elizabeth winds up locked out of her burning house and Jake is still inside.  She breaks a window to get in and cuts her leg pretty bad.  When Liz makes it to Jake, he's not breathing and needs CPR.  She'll arrive at GH to find everyone being held by Joe the Bomber.  Who comes to her aid and gets Baby Jake past the Bomber?  Sam!  With Jake being the main concern, Elizabeth's cut leg is patched quickly and a nicked artery is missed.  

GH Reps have confirmed that Kristina Wagner's stay has been extended and that Sarah Brown will be around for at least one year.


Are Liz and Jason moving in together?  Will it be StoneCold & Jackal Private Investigators?   What about all those leaving the mob RUMORS?  It looks like Jason and Elizabeth will become roomies.  After the fire she is RUMORED to be staying at Audrey's but the custody battle may have Jason and Liz taking steps to show a united front.  Spinelli is said to propose the PI idea to Jason.  At first, Jason says no way!  Will he change his mind?  RUMORS have had Sonny and Jason leaving the mob for a long time now.  The difference between now and then is that a good, and very possible storyline to facilitate this has never popped up, until now!  Here's what I've seen: Sonny will take the company legit with a the occasional shake-up from an old enemy here and there.  Jason will become a PI allowing him to keep his hero status and his gun.  He'll also be security for Sonny's company.  IF THIS HAPPENS, it would allow for Jason and Sonny to still be "enemies" with the PCPD and have the occasional mob story thrown in.