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On the Stands: "Explosive Interviews"

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It's that time of week again. Time to check out what is on the cover of all your favorite mags. This week on Soap Opera Weekly I thought it seemed a bit ABC heavy but then I realized the "explosive interview" has to be about As the World Turns, not All My Children. Needless to say Cady McClain deserves to be able to "spill the beans" if that what she does. Needless to say I'll be checking out the interview. Then we have the big fire on General Hospital which I think could be very interesting, especially to see how it plays into the custody battle over Lucky and Liz's kids. Oooh, Gloria haters on the Young and Restless should be happy about headline at the top of the page.

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Ok, I know a LOT of TV Fan Online Forum members and Daytime Confidential readers are over the top excited about having John Black on Days of Our Lives but personally I can't help but feel that bringing Drake back so quickly is a bit of a cop out. Unlike other soaps which have one or two characters that come back to life periodically, say General Hospital's Helena, Young and Restless' Shelia, or As the World Turns' James Stenbeck  Days of Our Lives is really getting a bad reputation for not really killing off characters.

After everything that has happened with Jack's many deaths, Stephano's multiple returns from the dead, the whole Salem Slasher and Island debacle, and now Johns not really death, it's not surprising that fans just role their eyes any time someone is killed off on Days of Our Lives. It's only my opinion but couldn't they have at least kept John dead for six months to a year instead of six weeks? Wouldn't that made his return that much bigger? Say for May Sweeps?


I know this sounds a bit unsympathetic but I don't really care who Sharon chooses. I like her with Jack. I like her with Nick. And I like her with Brad. I suppose if I was really pressed I would choose her for Jack because Jack needs some love in his life but I don't really expect her to stay with him long term.