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General Hospital's Scrubs' Baby Storyline: What is Responsible? What Isn't?

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A debate is brewing over the upcoming Scrubs baby storyline so I thought I'd start a discussion and see what everyone is thinking.

These are the facts as we know them.

  • Robin is HIV+
  • Robin has wanted a child for a while now but for whatever the reason Patrick has been afraid to be a father.
  • When Patrick refused to be the father of Robin's baby Scrubs broke up.
  • Alone, Robin went in search of sperm donor asking Jax, Lucky, Nikolas, Jason, Spinelli and possibly others to be the father. All turned her down for various reasons.
  • In the meantime Patrick had been meddling in her search for a father to her child.
  • After Georgie's death Patrick and Robin reunited and slept together.

At one point rumors had it that Carly and Robin would both be in need of  sperm donor and that there would be some sort of switch. However, without Guza at the helm (thanks or no thanks to the Writers Strike) word has leaked out that the scab writers are going ahead with the long rumored Scrubs pregnancy storyline. Word has it that now the pregnancy will be the result of a broken condom (scab version) instead of the more "responsible" and recommended way for a woman with HIV to get pregnant, artificial insemination (reportedly the Guza version).

Over at the Scrubs Hub (one of our favorite sites and probably the biggest and most active groups of Scrubs fans on the internet) they have started a petition pushing for Responsible Storytelling of a HIV Pregnancy. And as one of our great readers GenHospFan95commented:

I don't mind a Scrubs baby if they chose to become parents by discussing all the options and risks. This whole lets tell secrets while one of them is HIV + just doesn't sit well with me. I wanted good story about a couple (one of whom is HIV +) choosing to have a baby and hopefully educating the audience along the way about the risks and options available to them. I didn't want this to be all about Patrick's fears and commitment issues -- this story belongs to Robin.

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I agree with the folks over at the Scrubs Hub in that this is a groundbreaking storyline that needs to be handled with care. Scrubs are probably one of the most popular non Sonny or Jason romantic pairings to come along in a very long time and considering Robin's history with the show and how her story as woman who is HIV+ has been told she deserves to have an awesome storyline.

Playing devil's advocate for a moment:

Is it irresponsible storytelling for Robin to get pregnant thanks to a broken condom or is it real life? Tina, Regan, and I were discussing the topic and Tina pointed out that Robin has tried to do everything as responsibly as possible but that condoms do break and its more a matter of real life getting in the way of her attempts to be responsible. Isn't a condom breaking more "real life" than the horrible ELQ faulty condoms storyline that got Lulu pregnant?

If this is how the scab writers go about telling the story of Robin's pregnancy does the fact that Robin doesn't get pregnant by AI mean that Robin's pregnancy storyline can't be told without educating the audience along the way?

GenHospFan95 is totally right. This storyline shouldn't be so much about Patrick as it is about Robin. However, is it not important for him to face his fears at the possibility of being HIV+ himself or the fact that he's going to be a father and then with those fears behind him he "stands by his woman" and helps her face the uncertainty of her pregnancy and in the process educate the audience?

Some might question that the most irresponsible part of this storyline (as spoilers are reporting) is not the actual condom breaking vs. artificial insemination but the fact that these same spoilers are saying that Patrick knew the condom broke and didn't tell Robin and that once Robin finds out she's pregnant she doesn't tell Patrick because she knows he doesn't want to be a father. Is it not possible for Robin and Patrick to get past all this petty back and forth and move on with a real relationship?

What are your thoughts on the potential Scrubs pregnancy storyline?