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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.11.08

Happy Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend!

Here's the Scoop!

Let's talk Alexis.  She's getting more screentime with her gal pal Diane and I for one am happy.  I love Nancy Lee Grahn and the character of Alexis.  I mentioned that Alexis may be reclaiming her seat as DA.  Well this is what I am hearing.... She does take the DA position, temporarily.  When Ric leaves town to "think", he'll ask Alexis to fill in.  As the DA, Alexis vows to find the TMK.  Looks like the TMK finds her first as she's attacked on the docks.  RUMORS had Alexis and Sam getting text messages from the killer.  It looks like Alexis' arrives before she's attacked but she doesn't read it.  I'm hearing it says 'First you, then your daughter.'

What about Jerry?  He's Claudia's frontman.  She wants to take down Trevor and eventually Sonny & Jason too.  Jerry thinks that taking Trevor out will keep Jax's family safe.  Jerry's not worried about the cost.  Remember, the money he has Alexis bringing in for him is illegal and Claudia will question Jerry about how much the new DA knows.  

Now that Ric has Lorenzo's piers, RUMORS say he'll start getting calls from Moreau.  Will he suspect Jerry?   Don't forget the RUMORS that Claudia and Ric have a past.  I am hearing that the two will meet regarding the property.  Who else is meeting?  RUMORS say that Claudia pays daddy a visit.

The TMK....  I am still hearing that Cooper Barret is the Text Message Killer.  Maxie and Spinelli team up to find Georgie's killer. Mac and Felicia will be a part of this storyline.  Maxie is said to go to Spinelli for help because she can't trust her mom and Mac to find the killer.  Also, Maxie will start to become suspicious of Coop.  At first, Spinelli is does not want to work with the Bad Blonde One.

Speaking of Damien Spinelli, PI.....he and Jason will get closer to finding out who Stan was working for when he died.  Is Jerry feeling the heat?  He'll tell his contact its time for them to come out of the shadows.

A lot is happening next week. Robin's pregnancy will be revealed.  Elizabeth's house fire and the bomber storyline.  Lulu and Johnny have sex.  Lulu regrets her romp with Johnny.  The two agree to stay apart.

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Carly continues acting a fool when it comes to Jason and his son.   She goes to Sonny today and wants him to have Diane file custody papers.  Sonny will point out to Carly that she's being a tad hypocritical when it comes to keeping a father away from his son.  He'll also tell his ex that how she's acting is exactly why she wasn't told. Jason and Carly will argue again with Jason telling Carly to mind her own business. Sonny and Jason both are RUMORED to tell her that they are tired of her constant meddling in their lives.  Jax is said to be fed up with Carly as well.  He's tired of his wife's focus on everyone else and not their family. 

At the end of today's episode, Elizabeth's house in on fire and she's locked out.  It is a conversation with ZaCrazy that has Jason going to Elizabeth's.  He'll arrive and find the house on fire and Cameron with the neighbor. 

JaSam scene!  Jason rips into Sam for telling Carly about Jake.  During the Bomber story, Sam doesn't just hear an exchange of I love you's between Jason and Elizabeth.  She'll also see how desperate Jason is to get to Elizabeth and Jake when he arrives at GH.  Joe the bomber is in his way.  It only gets worse for Sam as she'll also witness Lucky's concern for Elizabeth.

Robin will decide to tell Patrick she is pregnant via a donor.  Dr. Scorpio has blown a baby lie, TWICE.  Is this going to come back to bite Robin in the butt?

Will Epiphany see Monica hitting the bottle?

As I've mentioned, it looks like Nikolas and Nadine are being tested.  She'll be there when he has another episode.  RUMORS also say that Nikolas searches for Emily in front of a worried Sam and Lucky. 


Jason wants Elizabeth to move in with him.  A child is hurt.  Lucky moves out of Sam's.  Max and Diane, dating?  Jerry goes against Claudia by trying to help someone.  Sam saves Alexis.