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James Harmon Brown and Barbara J. Esensten Still Writing

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Strike Update: Go figure that James Harmon Brown and Barbara J. Esensten of All My Children and arguably responsible for the worst written soap still on network television have accepted financial core status are are still writing for the ABC show.

The New York Times is reporting the following:

Two of the most prominent soap opera writers to return to work are James Harmon Brown and Barbara J. Esensten, the co-head writers of “All My Children” on ABC, according to someone briefed on their decision who would discuss it only anonymously. The writing team, whose credits include “Guiding Light” and “Port Charles,” accepted financial core status and returned to work in late December.

The two writers did not respond Thursday to messages left at their offices.

How is it that the two writer's responsible for cloning Reva on Guiding Light and Port Charles (which was cancelled) can get exemptions? Are they that desperate to keep their jobs? If were Fron's I'd see what the scab writers could do to improve the show, at this point its a no loss proposition when everyone is striking.

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