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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.14.08

Here's the Scoop!

Joe the Bomber continues on today as does Elizabeth's house fire.  When Liz and Jake make their way into GH, Sam implores Elizabeth to take the baby and turn right back around and out the door.  She won't because Jake is in need of medical care.  When Jason arrives, I am hearing he is beggin Joe to let him see Elizabeth.  Is this the RUMOR that said Jason's feelings for Liz are made 100% clear? The worst kept secret on Daytime TV!  RUMORS say that Joe the Bomber asks Jason if Jake is his son.

Nikolas charges at Joe!  In a rage he'll go after Joe but Nikolas may be putting everyone in more danger.  Jason's figured out that Joe is holding the detonator down, so releasing it will set the bomb off.   Lucky has a shot at Joe but Jason is in the way, Scott tells him to take the shot.  Will Lucky do it?  No! 

Lucky disguises himself as a Doctor and goes to Elizabeth telling her he can get her out an exit.  She asks him to get Jake out first.  

Remember, Sam is set to hear Jason and Liz's profession of love to one another and Lucky thinks he and Elizabeth are making progress.   Does this mean more revenge plots for Sam?  It looks like this sets up Sam's need for revenge even more, despite her conversations with Lucky to just let it go.  After the bomber situation is difused, Jason will have a hard time getting to see Elizabeth.  Too many people will be around her and he can't risk their relationship being discovered.   They will see eachother at GH as this is when Sam hears the declaration of love. Jason and Elizabeth will meet up at the Safehouse.  Sam will find out about the secret love shack as will Lucky with some hints dropped by Sam.  Eventually, RUMORS say Jason and Elizabeth's relationship will be out in the open just as the custody fight starts.  BUT, is it the outing of Jason and Elizabeth's relationship that has the couple becoming roomies?  It looks like that may be the case and it could be the new living arrangements that has Lucky filing the custody papers.  RUMORS say that once Elizabeth's house is repaired, Jason will move in.  The RUMORS go on to say that Jason has a hard time trusting just anyone to guard his family and moving in is his solution.

Just how long will Robin be hiding the truth about her pregnancy?  Not exactly sure but some insiders are under the impression that by February Sweeps, Patrick is still in the dark about the true paternity of Robin's baby.  Are we in store for another, long, dragged out baby storyline?  Remember the conversation Robin is said to overhear? Well it may not be between Patrick and Leo.  It looks like Patrick will be telling Leyla he's been exposed to HIV and Robin overhears it.  She's looking for Patrick to tell him she's preggers.  Remember those RUMROS about Leyla causing problems for Patrick?  Will she try to seduce the good doc? I am still seeing RUMORS of a sexual harrassment accusation against Patrick.  I am hearing that Patrick turns Leyla down and she goes to Dr. Ford. 

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Is Jerry behind Alexis' attack?  Looks like that may be what happens.  Alexis is RUMORED to tell Jerry that while she is acting as DA, she cannot act as his counsel.  RUMORS say Jerry has Alexis attacked to scare her out of the DA's chair. 

Is Johnny Zacchara stabbed?  RUMORS say that he is and pictures seem to support that.  He's defintiely hurt. Lulu and Johnny will be hiding out in the catacombs under the monastery.  It looks like Spinelli may come to Lulu and Johnny's rescue.

I mentioned that Jax will be fed up with Carly's involvement in Jason's life.  Well it looks like Carly shares the news regarding Jake with her hubby.   CarJax have a fight about focusing on their family and not Jason's. 

Patrick tells Robin he wants to provoke Nikolas into having an attack.  He wants to draw blood from the Cassadine Prince while the attack is happening. 


For a long time now its been RUMORED that Trevor Lansing will die during sweeps.  RUMORS now say that Trevor feels everything coming down around him and Claudia's presence only makes it worse.  Will Trevor try to kill Sonny?  Well I am now hearing that when Trevor attempts to kill Sonny, its Kate grabbing the gun and killing Trevor.  Will Kate say yes this time?  Sonny is RUMORED to witness Kate shooting Trevor, he can't testify against her if he's her husband. 

Scrubs, lots of fans, most debated storyline and I am not talking about how to handle the HIV+ baby storyline.  Whenever a  Scrubs SPOILER hits, there is someone else there to say its a fake or to have an opposite RUMOR to what's just been spilled.  So that being said, there are some insiders saying that Leyla and Patrick do in fact sleep together. 

Claudia's presence in Port Charles will affect alot of different storylines.