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How do you feel about John's age?

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I know that SO many people are happy to have John back. And that's great! I am really happy for you. I'm pretty ambivalent about it. I'm gonna really reserve judgment and see how the story plays out. Here's my beef. Isn't John Black/Forrest Alamian/ The Pawn a little old to be Stefano's soldier? He's got to be late 50's by now. He only has one kidney. He was dead with all his organs shut down before Rrrrrrrolf found him and did his hoo-doo voo-doo. There is no telling how long John was deprived of oxygen before Rrrrrrolf managed to resuscitate him. And did I mention that he only has one kidney? Couldn't there have been a more interesting story than making him a Soldier yet again? Of course there are rumblings that he could be a Brady and not just of the honorary status the family bestowed upon him... But if that is true then John would need a promotion from DiMera soldier to a full fledged officer.  But I digress. My point is I wanted there to be something different this time than The Eyebrow with some amnesia. 

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Tell me how do you feel about John's age in relation to this current storyline.