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I'm Just Gonna Put In My 2 Cents

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These are things that I have said before... But this time I have visual aids. I do love some screen caps. 

** The painting Sonny bought for Kate looked like blood splatter patterns at a crime scene. Maybe that's why he liked it?


** I understand the concept of laughter thru tears but does anyone else find it creepy when Felicia does her eerie smilecry while she's looking at autopsy photos of her youngest child? 

EerieSmileCry.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** How did Mac get a warrant for Jonny's DNA? What proof do they have that Jonny is a possible suspect? I always thought DNA was the clincher at the end, NOT the jumping off point. Guess that's why I'm not a cop. 


** Dr Ford has a heart! I actually found his super brief scene with Epiphany to be touching.

DrFordHasAHeart.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** I deleted Monday before I had a chance to check but I DID notice on Tuesday that Mr. Guza's name was not listed as head writer on the credits. According to the credits there was only ONE writer named Garin Wolf. Interesting, no? I thought so. After I watched the episode I wasn't surprised that Guza's name wasn't on the credits. There was actually some good dialogue and the story moved. Sam had a moment of self awareness! I liked that scene where Sam told Lucky that she doesn't think she is a good person. 

scab.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** Am I a bad person for being amused that Michael broke the knee caps on Morgan's little toy soldiers? 

minimobster.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** Am I wrong in thinking that Sonny is acting like a big bully where Lil ZaCrazy is concerned? He has to know Trevor is the puppet master and if Sonny took out Trevor then Johnny would most likely step back. Sonny needs to stop picking on kids! 


** Can we clone Cameron? And make him give Carly his patented "Bitch Please!" look whenever she walks into his sight line? 

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** And after the snark-tastic look Liz gave Sam behind Lucky's back we know that Cam comes by it honestly!

snarkabeth.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** Where are all the single dads like Ric? Why can't I meet one? Should I start hanging around outside Daddy & Me classes? He's just too damn hot when he's in daddy mode. Hubbahubba, baby! 

HotRicDad.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** You can love Carly or you can hate Carly but ya gotta give Laura Wright her props. The look of hurt and anger and confusion when she looked in Jake's eyes was heartbreaking. And then Carly asked Jase if it was true. I wanted to hug her!! How does LW make Carly likeable? HOW? 


** Jan 8th? Also written by Garin Wolf. Too bad there was a 35 min press conference in my area to tell us they don't know what caused a massive 70 car pile up but that they are really sad about it thus making it impossible for me to see the Jason/Carly revelation scenes. I did however see Liz in her power position give Sam a taste of her own medicine. 


** I've decided Jason doesn't shoot enough people... Or maybe he just doesn't shoot the right people. As heartbroken as Carly was and as much as I wanted to hug her and let her cry it out I also wanted Jason to shoot her in the leg. If I carried a gun and Carly left with the parting words "...Don't worry. I'll take care of it..." I, personally, would have shot her to keep her from walking away... But then I'm not the hit man with a heart of gold... 


** I know why Skye had to leave. There was just too much pretty in one room for her and Ric.

toomuchpretty.jpg picture by MollyPop77

** Alexis and Diane in scenes together are pretty cool but did it have to be so silly with them in the biker bar? They couldn't have both lost the award to someone else and commiserated over a bottle of bubbly in an empty ballroom? It had to be Planes, Trains and Automobiles type silliness with none of the heart. Great.