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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

January 14 - January 20, 2008

ARIES: Everyone has big ideas on how to get your latest projects off the ground. Take what you hear with a grain of salt, however, as some people, unlike you, tend to talk big without any of the facts! Stay on top of your game with a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of rest. That way, like Aries Jennifer Garner ("Alias"), you'll be ready at a moment's notice to handle any sudden or unexpected situations that come your way this week. Put extra money away for a rainy day; you'll be glad you did by the end of the month!

TAURUS: This is the week you finally get some answers, which kick you into a sort of rebirth. Problems that have kept you stuck for more than a year finally start to clear, and you can finally make a fresh start.!Like fellow Taurus Barbara Streisand, you seem to have nine lives, recreating yourself over and over in fresh and exciting ways. A little extra money comes your way this week, but you'll spend it faster than you can stop to record it in your checkbook!

GEMINI: You may think you're seeing double this week, as two exciting opportunities pull you first one way, and then the other. Knowing you, you'll be jumping back and forth between the two, on the off chance you can get both! Emulate Geminis Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, captilizing on the endless energy and innovation these two are known for. Take careful note of all you do, as you're prone to losing a series of personal items or forgetting an important appointment as you rush through the days.

CANCER: Like Cancer Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill"), it seems like there's a new challenge every time you turn around! Keep from getting discouraged by reminding yourself that the worst is over, and it's just a matter of getting things back into balance and up to par. Take it easy when you can, as quiet time and rest are the key to maintaining a productive pace. Good news comes by phone or email, and you may soon have an unexpected visitor on your doorstep!

LEO: Leo Sally Struthers made her debut as Gloria in "All in the Family", a hallmark sitcom that changed the face of TV forever. You're on a mission to change the world yourself, breaking out of stereotypes and carving a new path for yourself. When the going gets tough, resist the urge to whine and simply let out a big roar! That should clear a path so you can move forward with ease and stealth. A run of insomnia drains your energy, so take naps to assure you're getting enough sleep to move those mountains this week!

VIRGO: Your curiosity gets the better of you this week, and you may feel like a daytime talk show host with all the questions you're tossing around. It worked for Virgo Ricki Lake, so go ahead and get as much information as you can! Health issues crop up, but a quick visit to the doctor clears them. Someone you've been on the outs with wants to make nice, but you're still not ready to forgive and forget. Be careful with money; what looks like an innocent purchase could throw your budget off for months!

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LIBRA: Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains") always seems to land on his feet, mainly because he has the best of intentions, no matter what the outcome. Emulate this fellow Libra by keeping a positive perspective on things. Everyone still wants you to come to their rescue, but now that the crises' have passed, encourage them to handle problems on their own. You're still at a loss as to what your next move will be, so make time this week for creative pursuits, biding your time with an art or writing project until more information appears.

Your brilliance is on display for the whole world to see this week, and there's nothing you can't accomplish! Approach everything with humor, disarming upset or angry people with one-liners. Like Scorpio John Cleese ("Monty Python"), your take on the world is that you're normal; everyone else just needs to catch up! You've been thinking about relocating for a while now; take some action on your dreams by visiting the place you'd like to move, and seeing what happens!

SAGITTARIUS: You're in the process of setting new boundaries, as you've had enough chaos in your life thanks to other people's dramas. As Sagittarius Dick Van Patten's beloved TV show "Eight is Enough" suggests, you have to draw the line somewhere! Walk away from a bad situation at work and let the higher ups figure it out; after all, they're the ones who caused the troubles! You get an offer you can't refuse this weekend, that has the potential to take you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

CAPRICORN: Innovative, sharp and on top of the latest trends, you emulate "Good Morning America"'s Capricorn Diane Sawyer. Someone tries to snow you at work, but you see right through them. Don't tolerate slackers or whiners; just put them in their place with your quick wit and ability to state the obvious. You're busy with a home improvement project this weekend; make a list to assure you'll have all the supplies you need close at hand. You've been thinking about going independent with your work; toss out a few nets and see if the time is right!

AQUARIUS: The possibilities are endless this week, so don't let fear, self-doubt or popular opinion sway your determination. After all, where would Aquarius Ellen DeGeneres be if she had decided to hide her light under a barrel? Research the facts before taking on bigger and better work, as the numbers aren't quite adding up. You may find that you're better off where you are once you do the math, so make it a point this week to get to the bottom of things before you decide whether to go or stay put and wait for a better offer.

PISCES: Like Pisces James Doohan, (Scotty - "Star Trek"), everyone depends on you to direct traffic this week. You probably won't get much done, as others expect you to advise, support or "beam them up"! Plan a little getaway for the weekend to recharge, or you'll end up being everyone's "dear Abby"! And remember that raise you've been waiting for? Time to ask directly! You discover a great way to make extra cash from the comfort of your own home, bolstering that resolution you made a few weeks ago to regain your financial stability this year!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development"), Lloyd Bridges ("Sea Hunt"), Kate Moss ("Unzipped"), Jim Carrey ("In Living Color"), Kevin Costner ("Mr. Brooks"), Jodie Sweetin ("Full House") and Bill Maher ("Politically Incorrect").

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