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Belle's Ingenious Escape - Days Spoilers 15/1

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G’day DOOL fans, sorry I’m a bit late with my spoilers for Days Of Our Lives this week… first off, can I just say – how much did Days rock last week???

John’s reveal


Bope on a stakeout as a homeless couple



the Revenge of Marlena

(can we keep her, please??)

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and Patch in general…


What was there not to love?  Can it continue this week?? Is it too much to ask that Days has two good weeks in a row??  Ok, on with some spoilers.

After Nick’s ultimatum to Chelsea on Monday’s show, she’s going to feel the pressure to tell the truth about Ford’s death.  Rightly so, too, as Crawford Decker is going to learn of his son’s contact lens being found in the Sorority House basement (ew) and vows to make the girls pay if found responsible.  Look away Max and Stephanie haters, these two will share a kiss – it looks like Stephanie instigates this so I’m not sure why Max apologises for it…

Lots of Shelle/Phelle this week! It seems after Belle and Claire’s kidnapping that Philip does not tell Shawn straightaway – this earns him a “scolding” from Sami (I kid you not), and raises Shawn’s anger at Philip (again) – they argue about who wears the bigger pants in order to save Belle and Claire.  Meanwhile, Belle comes up with her own ingenious plan that results in her escape, but not Claire’s… what was I saying last week about Shelle’s parenting style??  Hmmm… Anyway, the plan ends with Belle unconscious in hospital; Shawn comes to visit vowing revenge and Philip eavesdrops on them.  Sensing Shawn may be softening towards his wife, Philip enlists Chloe’s help to distract… sorry, support Shawn (which it surprisingly ok, I like Chloe and Shawn together SHOCK).  Philip declares himself to the still unconscious Belle (well, he’s gotta try something new, she doesn’t seem to listen when she’s conscious) and he’s there when she wakes up, breaking the bad news that her brilliant plan to escape failed, you know, at least for Claire anyway. 

After he ratted out John’s whereabouts to the Brady’s on Monday, the fear of DiMera retribution hits EJ – especially after Daddy dearest rings EJ to tell him he’s forgiven (yeah right, since when does a DiMera forgive?), he convinces Sami that they need to go underground into hiding, to protect their son.  Hope, who I’m sure means well, but is acting more and more like a nosyparker (no hate mail please, I do actually like Hope), warns Sami not to put so much trust in EJ (yeah, cos going against Stefano by confessing John’s alive wasn’t enough for you?). 

The scenes I’m waiting for this week though, are the ones featuring Lucas finding out he has a new cellmate… Stefano!

Newsflash: Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) to be seen onscreen from February - YAY!

Shirley Jones is to play current-day Colleen Brady

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Marlena injects Stefano with truth serum!
  • Watch for Steve’s reaction when Stephanie confesses her rape by Ford

NB. Thanks to Chit Chat Haven and the Sony NBC Days website for screencaps and official pics