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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.15.08

Here's the Scoop!

A Jerry and Alexis almost kiss?  I am hearing Alexis leans in for the lip-lock and then pulls away.  Can this couple work?  Lots of fans are interested in the pairing but is Jerry too much of a bad guy for Alexis?  

Sam saves Alexis.  She'll attack the attacker and then mother & daughter receive a pair of text messages.  One says, 'now you'll die slowly' while the other says 'and you'll watch.'

Georgie suspected Cooper as the killer.  We've all been hearing he's the TMK and now Jason Gerhardt is done at GH.  His exit has been confirmed by the actor himself. RUMORS have had Maxie wondering if her boyfriend really killed her sister.  I told you yesterday that Cooper's dead body is found, possibly by Maxie.  It'll look like he hung himself but it could be murder.  RUMORS say Cooper and Maxie were planning a road trip and Maxie finds him when she comes over to Coop's so they can hit the road.  Are they really doing this to the character of Maxie?  How much loss is one person supposed to take?  With this storyline, we lose yet another character.  I liked Coop and thought the potential of him being related to Brenda was wrongfully ignored.

I mentioned the evidence that could link Coop to Georgie's murder.  Well that evidence seems to be missing!  Logan winds up with it and confronts his pal Cooper who insists he saw Georgie but had nothing to do with her death.  Will the residents of Port Charles have false security when Cooper winds up dead?  I am defintely hearing he is NOT the killer.

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Does Nadine suggest the seduction of Dr. Drake? Patrick and Leyla are RUMORED to sleep together and it may be this week. 

Two more newbies coming to GH. Dr. Devlin and Marianna.  Devlin is McSteamy to Patrick's McDreamy.  RUMORS have them being med school buddies.  Marianna was the RUMORED name of Sarah Brown's character, now that's been revealed to be Claudia.  Marianna will be a part of Ric's trip to Martha's Vineyard. 

Custody Battle!  Once Liason is outed, Jason and Liz are RUMORED to move in together to ensure their safety.  Lucky files for custody and Claudia Zacchara follows in her father's footsteps, she's RUMORED to go after Jason's family.  Is this what has Lucky being awarded custody? 


Kristina wanders off.  RUMORS have Sam and Jax finding her.  Luke the newest hire at ELQ?  RUMORS say he'll land a big, secret client.  Robin making phone calls.  Of course she's pregnant and sharing the news.  RUMORS say she'll be on the phone with her mom and Brenda.  Does Sonny have sex with Claudia Zacchara?  He just might.  IF it happens, its an anonymous, one night stand.