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The Sad State of All My Children

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. I looked it up at, and here are the results I got:

  1. Law. The crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim.
  2. Random or deliberate violence or damage.
  3. A state of rowdy disorder: Antagonisms between the various factions at the meeting finally boiled over, and mayhem ensued.

So, I ask you, how does this fit in with AMC? Well, in my opinion, be it as it is, I see this soap in a constant state of mayhem, it is crazy over there, enemies becoming friends, crazies running the asylum, dogs and cats sleeping together, Mayhem, I tell you!

If we break down the storylines, one by one, we can easily see where each story fits into this definition. Let’s break it down, Shall we??

Ok, first let’s lay out the obvious… The Kendall, Zach, Aidan, Greenlee, Ryan, and Annie Quadrangle. Not quite sure if this is a quadrangle or not, but I am sure you all know what I was meaning to say. First off, Definition #1, LAW. Well, Both Kendall and Zach set out to emotionally cripple Greenlee, by attempting to send her to jail for a crime she did not commit. That leads us directly into meaning #2, random or deliberate violence or damage. Obviously, what they were trying to do to her was deliberate damage. But then there was the period of redemption, where her and Zach were stuck in that infernal fallout shelter, and had nobody to lean on or depend on but one another, and thus a friendship became inevitable. A state of rowdy disorder?? Well, how disorderly is it for Aidan and Kendall to have slept together? Well, I do not know if it is disorderly, but it sure was out of character, and ahem cough, cough, STUPID!

I do not really know how Ryan & Annie fit into the equation, but it seems Ryan, who was so venomously against Greenlee’s mere existence, has struck a vein of compassion for his once wife. Could this be because the supposed “real” Greenlee is returning? Do not get me started on this one, I will rant about it after Rebecca Budig returns, and I see just how AMC kisses her derriere to fit a different personality into a here and now storyline.

Next there is Adam. I think he needs no explanation of definition. Adam in and of himself exudes mayhem. Everything he does basically fits into definition #1 “


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The crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim.”

I dare anyone out there reading this to disprove that that statement is true. It can’t be done. I am really liking the rivalry coming on between Zach and Adam. Now that Palmer is really not in the picture (poor James Mitchell) Adam really needs someone else to hate besides Tad.

Now on to Tad. I do not know how his storyline fits into the definition of mayhem, but I needed to comment on him. How long are they going to drag out the Kathy/Kate storyline? How long must this character suffer, knowing that there is a child out there that he cannot find? One that is directly under his nose? How long must we as viewers suffer knowing that Adam knows this information, and because of his indignant nature chooses not to share it, despite an obvious Christmas intervention from Father Clarence, whose visit, I must say was very ineffectual this year?


Can you all see where I am going with my definition of Mayhem, as it applies to AMC? I could easily pick apart each and every story out there, but it would all have the same effect. This has all been caused by years and years, heck, a decade of poor writing, lack-luster storylines, and dare I say it, poor support from the powers that be higher up in the chain.

Gone are the days where I can sit and enjoy my Godiva chocolates, and Dom Perignon while watching a bevy of handsome boy-toys on my screen. Nope. Now I get my barf-bag out, as I have to once again be subjected to seeing Ryan Lavery’s bare chest on my screen. Can we say over-exposed?