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General Hospital: Jason Gerhardt Out!

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Looks like the mounting rumors that Jason Gerhardt was being let go from General Hospital are true. Word has it that he's not going to be the text message killer and is reporting "Coop is found hanging by Maxie. Supposedly, the DNA file with the results from the fingernail scraping is missing. He'll be suspected and next thing you know, he's hanging by a noose!"

I guess we should have seen the writing on the walls a long time ago. A) His character became a cop B) Coop's relationship with Maxie has disappeared C) They brought on a third actor in his age group D) It was obvious Guza had him as the TMK but the scab writers have shook things up.

My question is, where would you like to see Jason Gerhardt end up? Here are some of my ideas.

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