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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.16.08

Here's the Scoop!

It may not be Robin that tells Patrick she's pregnant.  Robin will overhear Leo and Patrick talking.  It looks like Patrick has already taken his first HIV test  and that has come back negative.  Leo will mention the broken condom. 

RUMORS say that JJY is happy with his increased screentime. Who else is happier? LC and NLG.  Mac and Felicia will be working on solving Georgie's murder. The DNA test is back but its missing from the file.  What's that in Coop's hands?  Could it be the results? RUMORS seem to point to Coop becomng their suspect and Maxie will butt heads with her parents about Cooper.  This could be what has her agreeing to a road trip.

The almost kiss between Jerry and Alexis....I am hearing its during a moment where Jerry is offering Alexis comfort.  

I've mentioned a possible test for Nikolas and Nadine.  It looks like that may be what's coming.  Emily is RUMORED to encourage Nikolas to let Nadine help him.  Will Robin notice Nadine's attachment to Nikolas? McSteamy makes trouble for McDreamy. It looks like Dr. Devlin may be mixing it up with Leyla.  

RUMORS that the two Carly's face off... it looks like Carly may come in contact with Claudia who is very much like the original Carly. I guess you can take the girl out of Port Charles but you can't take the PC out of the girl. Carly tells Claudia she used to be just like her. Who do you think will outshine the other in this RUMORED scene? I am hearing that Claudia Z is very much like the original Carly.  Claudia is said to share scenes with alot of Port Charles. 

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Carly, Carly, Carly.....I know I start alot of Scoops about Carly that way but when will she ever learn? Never!  She'll visit Elizabeth in the hospital and tell her that she plans on having Elizabeth declared as an unfit mother.  Is this what has Jason turning his back on his BFF?  He definitely tells her to stay out of his life. 

Elizabeth sketches a picture of Jake and Lulu brings it to Jason as a birthday present.  Later, Jason pays Elizabeth a visit.  Will Jason finally say he wants to claim Jake?

Is Sam attacked? So many RUMORS about who will be attacked and once again I am hearing that the killer makes good on their threat and comes after Sam too. Well this COULD be when Sam gets exposed for all she's done. Lucky is RUMORED to be involved in his "girlfriend's" attack, the aftermath that is, and he just might find out about Sam's secrets then.

The Claudia and Sonny RUMORS... remember Kate is said to turn Sonny's proposal down and once again want some space. He just may have a random one night stand because he is hurt over Kate. Its a RUMOR for right now. BUT it looks like Sonny may be drowning his sorrows and forgetting his meds.  This could lead to a one night stand with a stranger.

Mini Mobster Alert!  Yep the slicked back  hair Michael is back and he wants revenge on whoever tried to kill his mom. He goes to Jason seeking revenge and we'll see Mikey eyeing a firearm.

An explosion!  Johnny is on board a boat that blows up.  Jason, Logan and Lulu watch from the docks.

I told you a long time ago that Anthony Zacchara is sticking around.  Now RUMORS say he goes missing and we will see that ZaCrazy is getting around just fine.  Will Claudia and Daddy meet up?