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Victor Kiriakis Returns In February!

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Look for one of Days Of Our Lives' favorite characters to return to the show at the beginning of February. Victor Kiriakis is coming back to Salem and hopefully with lots of airtime too. I'm sure he'll be involved with his son Philip's story but personally I'd love a grudge match between Victor and know clash of the 'Titans' so to speak!

John Aniston who plays victor can also be seen in a couple of movies coming out soon. In Fixing Rhonda, Aniston plays Detective Macomas. According to IMDB, the movie centers around two childhood friends who run into each other after a long separation to find that they've grown in different directions. Rhonda has become a compulsive gambler while Lily is a "down on her luck" actress. Their history and past love for one another fuels their dysfunctional relationship. Lily puts everything else in her life on hold as she desperately tries to help Rhonda turn her life around, and in the process risks losing Jonathan, the man she is falling for. Rhonda continues to become more entangled in her gambling addiction and the debts she owes others as a result. Rhonda's addiction eventually ends with her own murder, and Lily is left to pick up the pieces and fix her own life. This movies is based on true events that happened in 1985.

The second movie is The Gold & The Beautiful which also stars Kate Linder from Young & The Restless. John plays Gerard Benedict in this romantic comedy. 

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