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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.17.08

Here's the Scoop!

Awhile ago we talked about a Liz and Robin friendship starting.  Well it looks like Robin will tell Elizabeth that Patrick is the father and Liz may be telling Robin the truth about Jake.  Jason is also RUMORED to know about Patrick's impending fatherhood.  There are RUMORS that Robin and Jason share some scenes regarding her pregnancy. Jason tells Robin he'll help her anyway he can. 

Its been RUMORED that Liz and Jason move in together.  Lucky will tell his ex-wife no way!  Jason moving in only puts the boys, especially Jake, in danger.  This should spark the custody fight.  First though, will Elizabeth feel that Lucky is getting too attached to Jake? 

An anonymous $10 million dollar donation?  To who? From who?  It looks like Tracey will be receiving a check from an anonymous donor.  I'm sure you can all guess this one....RUMORS say there are some stipulations to the money.  

Dr. Devlin just MAY BE the guy we saw talking to Jerry.  Ya know the one with the Lucky-like tattoo.  Dr. D hits town and interacts with Robin and his med-school pal Patrick.  He should start airing at the end of next week.  What about his ties to Jerry?  Well it looks like Ian is worried about a shipment coming through PC and Jerry tells him its on a Zacchara ship and it will come in. I hope its not on the Zacchara ship Lulu and Johnny are on. (see below) RUMORS say that Ian asks Jerry what he knows about the staff at General Hospital.

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Will Sam see Jerry with Claudia?  That's a RUMOR out there and when Sam fills Alexis in, will Alexis get jealous? Here's something interesting about Sam, actually about Lucky and Sam.  I've already told you that Sam's misdeeds will come out and LuSam part ways.  The question is, will they get back together?  The overwhelming fan response to the pairing makes me think yes, they will reunite.  BUT there are RUMORS that Sam and Lucky may not get back together and Sam could be moving on to someone else.

How about some Lulu? She'll be held on a Zacchara supply boat which is the same boat that blows up.  Jason, Logan and Lulu watch from the docks as the boat she was on with Johnny, the one that Johnny is still on, blows sky high.

Super Secrets?  It looks like with the writer's strike and the new writing "set-up", spoilers are less and less.  BUT I am hearing there is one thing in particular that has not been spoiled and its happening during February Sweeps.  The RUMORS go on to say that its not a death but it is mob related.  Now, that doesn't mean a death isn't happening.  Right now both Cooper and Trevor are said to die.  


Memories of the fire bother Elizabeth.   Mac questions Coop about the missing file.   Marianna is the woman from Ric's past.   Jerry wants Trevor dead.  A romantic dinner for Lulu and Johnny?  Is Helena returning?