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As the World Turns: Two Big Stars Leaving The Show?

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The new issue of SID is indicating that Jesse Soffer (Will) and Jennifer Landon (Gwen) will soon be exiting As The World Turns. The very popular couple will finish taping in February and air for the last time sometime in March. With the couple and newly adopted baby Hallie leaving Oakdale, where does that leave Hallie's biological mommy Sofie? Currently Sofie is mixing things up with Aaron and seems to be causing more trouble between him and Alison. However I'm not sure how popular any of these characters are in comparison to Emmy Award winning Jennifer Landon or Jessie Sofer for that matter. Either way I will miss Will & Gwen and hope they can write them a happy ending because they truely deserve that.

Overall this begs the question: What is going on at As The World Turns? Who's next to get the axe? I'm getting pretty sick and tired of seeing some great actors & actresses leaving the show and being left with what exactly? I'd love to hear what everyone has to say about this rumor...!

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