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General Hospital: A Shot of Claire Coffee

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As reported by Regan in daily General Hospital Spoilers TPTB are planning on doing some chemistry testing between Nadine and Nikolas and I couldn't be happier. Claire Coffee's Nadine is one of those characters that just sort of snuck up on me and without even thinking much about it before yesterday I realized that I really like Nadine.

I find Coffe's Nadine to be refreshingly honest and genuine. Nadine seems to move without issue between more "teen" storylines involving Spinelli and more "adult" storylines at the hospital and in the chemistry testing that seems to be going on between her and Nikolas.

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Speaking of Nikolas, anyone who has listened to the podcast knows that the Cassadines are one of my all time favorite families and even though we have yet another "tumor" storyline I am really enjoying Nikolas and Nadine together and I think they are a couple that I could really get behind.

I am very interested to hear what everyone's thoughts are on Nadine and/or her possible pairing with Nikolas and while we're at it I'm sure we can come up with a good squish name for them.