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General Hospital: How Will Nikolas and Emily's Story End?


Once RUMORED to be the greatest love story ever told, the story of Nikolas and Emily, post Emily's death, is really not all that great.  It seems that too many fans were upset over Emily's death to really get behind the current storyline which has Emily as a figment of Nikolas' imagination.  When the RUMORS started, it seemed as Emily would be helping Nikolas not just with his illness but also on his quest to find her true killer.  So far, Nikolas does not seem all that interested in finding out who killed his Fiance.  

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I've mentioned before that this storyline could be cut short due to the fan response.  Also a factor, the ever present writer's strike.  This was Robert Guza's story.  The "greatest love story" was all his vision and without him, can GH carry it on?  So far, it doesn't look like it.  Throw in the always present RUMORS.... will Natalia re-sign with GH when her contract expires in May?  Will she exit earlier than planned and throw Nikolas into Nadine's waiting arms?  Will Helena re-surface with an alive Emily in-tow?  

Nikolas does in fact have a brain tumor and it is most likely a genetic condition.  RUMORS say Sam will also be tested for the same genetic marker.  Could this kick off another storyline?  Is Sam really a Cassadine?  

Patrick wants to operate and Nikolas will refuse, he's afraid that removing the tumor means losing Emily.  Nikolas may not have a choice though.  RUMORS say Nikolas will be found unconscious and Patrick performs emergency surgery.  Will Nikolas and Emily share a tearful goodbye while Nikolas is on the operating table? 

What about finding Emily's killer?  There will be a scene where Nikolas pays a visit to Jason and Sonny's office. What brings him to Sonnybucks?  ZaCrazy confirmed he didn't kill Emily and if RUMORS are correct and Cooper Barrett is not the Text Message Killer, who else on the island would have killed Emily Quartermaine?