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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.18.07

TGIF.... Ever have one of those weeks?  Well that was my week, one thing after another and I am so ready for the weekend! 

Here's the Scoop!

As I mentioned yesterday, spoilers are getting harder to get.  This will be a short one. Sorry!

A Maxelli Kiss?  That's one version of Spinelli and Maxie's squish name.  RUMORS say Maxie has a mini-meltdown in front of Spinelli and he kisses her.  They will be getting closer as they work together to solve Georgie's murder.  The evidence will be piling up soon and it all points to Cooper Barrett.  RUMORS also say that we'll see Coop with the Bussboy at Kelly's and in an argument with Jerry.  I am still hearing that Coop is not the TMK.  It was Cooper that approached Georgie in the park but her suspicions about her sister's boyfriend had her running scared.  What about the DNA?  Well it looks like Georgie scratched Coop to get away from him and then ran, right into the real killer.  Will Maxie and Spinelli's hunt turn into looking for Georgie and Coop's killer?

If everything is correct, Dr. Devlin and Patrick are friends but these boys may find themselves in a bit of a pissing contest.  Both brillant surgeons and apparently both playboys.  Dr. Devlin is quite the flirt and Patrick may be staking his claim to Robin by trying to scare Devlin away from her.  Patrick tells Ian that Robin wants committment and a kid.  Patrick's actions only reinforce Robin's reasonings for keeping Patrick in the dark about the baby.

Jerry crosses Claudia!  As Jason and Spinelli get closer to finding out who Stan was working for as well as who grabbed Lulu, Jerry gets nervous and tells his contact to show themselves.  They won't though, not until Jerry's finished the job.  It doesn't go off as it is supposed to and someone close to Jerry may have to pay the price.  Could this be about the boat blowing up?  Remember I mentioned the shipment that's coming in on a Zacchara ship and one of the Zacchara's ships is getting blown up.  

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Patrick's exposure to HIV will be addressed.  It has been a big debate amongst fans wanting this story to be told responsibly.  He will be tested and the test comes back negative. 

Patrick will tell Nikolas that his tumor is causing his hallucinations.  Patrick however is convinced that he and Robin can save Nikolas' life. Will Nikolas want to live if its a life without Emily?  Nikolas will refuse the surgery but it SHOULD BE Emily pushing him into that operating room and Em may even be pushing her Prince into another woman's arms.  I mentioned a test for Nikolas and Nadine and it looks like Emily will be all for a Nikolas - Nadine hook-up. 

Mini-Mobster.... I mean Michael tries to get his hands on his father's gun.  Jason will tell him no way!  Michael makes another attempt at getting the weapon but Uncle Jason is there watching. 

Elizabeth tells Lucky the truth about Sam.  What has her finally telling the truth?  Well the RUMORS say that Lucky leaves Jake with Sam when he's called into work.  Elizabeth is not happy about his choice of babysitter.  She'll tell Lucky exactly why she does not want Sam around her boys.  Lucky will go to Sam and confront her.  Sam does admit the truth.  This should be when Lucky moves out.


Nikolas winds up in a coma.  Lulu breaks up with Logan.  The Barn will be the scene for Lulu and Johnny's roll in the hay.  New opening?  I mentioned its coming and I hear Jason and Liz will be next to each other.  The new opening is said to be making its debut when Sarah Brown does...January 31.