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General Hopsital: Perkie's Observations Jan 19, 08

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Maybe it was the mood I was in, but today was a majorly boring crapfest of crap-aptitude. Starting with the asshat of the day, Dr Patrick Drake. He’s been saying for weeks that Layla means nothing to him. He’s been showing signs that maybe he still has feelings for Robin. They obviously spent the night together the night of Georgie’s funeral. Layla’s been biatching him out every second she can. And yet, she shows up, gets naked and he sleeps with her. UGH. It’s bad enough that these writers make my Ric a jerk, and they make my Lucky an idiot, but now they’re doing this to my Patrick? I will not fall for Sonny or Jason, no matter what they do, but seriously, Patrick is now on my black list. And I hate that the disgustingness happened on the same day that Robin finds out she’s pregnant. Layla also disgusts me. She leaves her night out with Nadine to go schtup Patrick and comes back and picks up her beer and swigs it, like that’s perfectly normal thing to do. How gross is that? I prefer crazy rage Nik to cry-baby Nem Nik. Emily’s a tumour, let her die already. Is it just me, or did the guy on the phone with Jerry suddenly sound like Coop? Because that would be weird. Unless Coop has an evil twin brother we’ve never heard of. Sonny/Kate; more bleh. And those two people in the theatre who supposedly reminded Skate of themselves as teenagers were so stereotypical, it wasn’t funny. Not to mention, no one has hair like that these days, even in Benson Hurst. Johnny/Lulu; the guy is hotter than lava, so what on earth does he see in her? Was it wrong that I raised my hand when he said, “Who wouldn’t be interested in you?” Then Spinelli shows up and instead of going out the way Johnny came in, they decide to go out the way Lulu came in, which is full of people wanting to kill and or kidnap them. Stupid people. Let’s hope next week brings back some of the goodness from last week. 

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