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New and Improved TV Fan Online Forums!

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We are pleased to announce the New & Improved TV Fan Online Forums! The upgrade is complete and boy am I glad that is over!


New Features Include:

1. Community style profiles that allow TV Fan Online forum members to add friends and leave comments for one another.

2. A New Links Forum where members can promote their Soap, TV, or Movie related website.

3. A New Support Forum where you can ask technical questions or get help with problems you may be experiencing with the TV Fan Online and Daytime Confidential websites or any of our three podcasts Daytime Confidential, Primetime Pulse, and Movie Junkie.

4. A FAQ & Resources Forum that we plan on adding helpful information about the TV Fan Online and Daytime Confidential websites

Improved features:

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As many of you know the old forums weren't always the most functional. Now you will be able take advantage of improved features including the following:

1. Improved Search Capabilities

2. Improved ability to subscribe to topics

3. Easy access to all time and daily member post totals

4. Expanded Inbox Totals (125 PM instead 100 PM)

Update Your Bookmarks & Favorites:

The TV Fan Online Forums have a new address ( )so you will need to update your Bookmarks or Favorites

We know that initially the new forums might take a bit of getting used to but we hope that they will enhance your experience as a TV Fan Online forum member.

If you are a member but haven't dropped by in a while now would be a good time to check out the improvements.

Have a great one and see you in the forums!