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All My Children: Worst. Spoiler. EVER!

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This is quite possibly the worst spoiler I have ever heard in recent history. Well the worst one that doesn't include the death of a vet or other beloved character. This one is just crap-tastic. Not to mention a total rip off of a story that was dropped over on a CBS soap. 

Just to give the credit where it is due I found this little snippet over on posted by the prolific Ravenbeauty...

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"Ryan suddenly loses all memory of his marriage to Annie and the last 4 years of his life."

Oh. My. GOD! Y&R did this same thing with Nick Newman! And it was sooooo stupid they dropped the storyline. No one ever knows if he spontaneously remembered everything or if he still thinks it's 2005. It was just dropped and the status quo was restored. But now the writers over at AMC think this is a story worth exploring. I don't think so! They want to go back 4 years. Before Annie, before Emma, before Spike and before Greenlee. They are going all the way back to the Rendall years. Yes. That far back. Just to try and recapture the magic of Kendall and Ryan. But for what? That ship has sailed. Zach is her true love now and don't they deserve some happiness? If they wanted to undo the Annie years why not just have Richie kill her, have Ryan get Emma and raise her with Greenlee? I just can't tell you the magnitude of absolute suckitude in this story. When I read that spoiler I rolled my eyes so hard I ended up with a migraine. NO joke.