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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 21.08

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Again, this episode felt all over the place. Like there’s suddenly different scab writers writing different stories within the same episode.

Starting with the Lulu mess. Clearly, I must have missed something on Friday’s episode. The last thing I remember is Lulu, Spinelli and Johnny, coming back together, to the hole in the cell and being caught by bodyguard Monk, who already had Logan. Yet today, only Logan and Lulu are captured, yet Spin and Johnny are running amok on the boat and it’s apparently very easy to get off the boat and go to shore, since Spin did that to go and get Jason. WTH?? How did Spin and Johnny not get caught coming through the hole with Lulu? How did they get on the boat without being detected? How far offshore was it that Spin could get off of it to get back to the mainland? Did he fly to the mainland? Should I really care?

Hypocrite of the day actually goes to Logan, who badmouths Johnny to Lulu with the standard: “he’s a bad man who deals with drugs and violence”. This coming from Logan, who did everything possible to work for Sonny. O. Kay.

Why is Nikolas completely alone when he’s getting these horrible diagnosis? Granted, Lulu’s accounted for, but why couldn’t Lucky, Sam or Alexis be sitting with him? And if I ever see either Nik or Emily with those tears in their eyes again, it will be too soon. Gee Nik, apparently you love dead Emily more than live Spencer, since you’re unwilling to give up your precious apparition for a possible cure.

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Kate/Sonny: Yeah, I don’t care, and I’m not sorry she rejected his proposal. I did find it funny that after asking her a couple of times, he says, “I won’t beg you”. Uh, haven’t you already? And then when she rejects him, he pulls the biggest temper tantrum ever and buys the theatre and the restaurant and destroys them. Whatever, you big baby. Run Kate, you can do better.

Scrubs: I loved Robin’s reaction to the news. KMc did a spot on job of being so confused that she could already be pregnant. And, nice of the writers to have Julian and Patrick tell us what happened that night. Although, Patrick, not telling Robin what happened is really low, even for the dog that he has become.