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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.21.08

Happy MLK Day!  

Here's the Scoop!

Is he or isn't he..... the Text Message Killer?  Cooper Barrett has been the RUMORED killer for months now.  BUT, now we are hearing that may not be the case.  So is he or isn't he, that is the question.  What we do know for sure, Coop's been up to something. 

Is Sam attacked?  There have been lots of RUMORS about Sam being attacked by the TMK.  Is her attacker the TMK or just a crazed fan?  IF Sam is attacked, it should be after Lucky ends their relationship.  When he hears she's hurt, Lucky will go to Sam.  

Kate may not say No, but she definitely does not say Yes!  She doesn't know how they fit into eachother's worlds and Kate doesn't want to lose herself in Sonny.  He won't be happy with her response and starts drinking again.  RUMORS have him meeting a woman and having a one night stand.  This woman should be Claudia Zacchara.  When Claudia requests a meeting with Corinthos-Morgan, Sonny is in for a shock. 

Robin's pregnancy becomes a pain for Patrick.  Not sure how to react to the news that Robin is preggers even if he doesn't know the truth, Patrick is hearing about it everywhere.  Her impending motherhood is the talk of General Hospital.  Elizabeth will give Patrick an earful and when Dr. Devlin hits town, will Patrick lose his status as the brilliant, playboy surgeon?

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Speaking of McSteamy... RUMORS say he is in fact who Jerry is dealing with and those drugs Jerry is moving? Well it looks like it could be Dr. Devlin moving them through GH.  We saw Friday that Ian asked about the staff at GH and it MAY BE that Jerry fills Ian in on Patrick's deep connection to Dr. Robin Scorpio.  Remember, Jerry witnessed it first hand during the MetroCourt Hostage Crisis.  Patrick tells Devlin to stay away from Robin and Leyla may try to use Dr. Devlin to make Patrick jealous. 

Will Carly and Jax get their baby?  Maybe.... and I say maybe because it looks like Carly will get pregnant but EARLY RUMORS have her losing the baby.  Carly will continue to bump heads with both Elizabeth and Robin.  Carly and Jax will have problems within their marriage.  Her constant meddling into Jason's life will not sit well with Jax.

The order of the new opening is getting alot of online buzz.  I already told you that Jason and Elizabeth will be next to one another in the opening.  I am hearing that Claudia will be in between Jason and Sonny ( the order: Sonny, Claudia, Jason and Elizabeth).  The teen order is Johnny, Lulu, Logan, Maxie and Spinelli. 

Too much Mob... that's always been the chief complaint of GH fans.  The lack of hospital storylines is usually #2 and an unbalanced canvas rounding out the top three.  It looks like all three will be addressed.  The mob is not going anywhere, anytime soon but the upcoming storylines involve the mob and the hospital as well as uses more of the cast then we've seen in quite some time.  

Claudia and Carly scene!  Remember I mentioned the two Carly's up against each other.  Well it looks like Carly and Claudia have a run in at the MetroCourt.  And don't forget, Carly is all up in everyone's business.  She's RUMORED to give Elizabeth a restraining order.  

What about Ric and those piers?  Daddy will be keeping an eye on him and how far will Trevor go to get what he wants?