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General Hospital: A Second Scoop of Spoilers 01.22.08

Here's some more Scoop!

Lulu goes to the expert when it comes to taking care of injured Mobsters. She'll ask Elizabeth for help when she finds an injured Johnny after the boat explosion. Johnny needs antibiotics for the cut on his leg. Lu originally finds him in the boathouse but when she returns, Johnny is gone. She follow the blood to the Haunted Star where a delerious Johnny starts telling Lulu things. Lu gets worried when she hears Logan telling his dad that he knows where Johnny Z is. She thinks Logan is turning Johnny in to the PCPD.

Jason and Robin will share scenes. He'll be a friend to her. Will she tell Jason that Patrick is the father? She does tell Elizabeth. Dr. Lee won't know who got Robin pregnant but Elizabeth will.

After Cooper is found dead, does the TMK strike again?

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Spinelli finds his father? That has been a RUMOR for WAY TOO LONG! If it happens, he tells Jason who his daddy is and then asks him to not tell anyone.

There is more going on with Dr. Devlin than just pushing drugs through GH. Keep an eye on Ian. Patrick should too. Is his med school buddy pushing him towards one thing and away from another? IF Ian shows an unusual amount of attention towards Robin, should fans start to wonder?

Alexis covering for Jerry? It looks like she'll find out about Jerry's connection to Claudia Zacchara and she'll lie to Sonny about it.

Custody Battle for LL2? RUMORED to happen when Elizabeth and Jason's relationship is outed, it may not happen until after sweeps, if at all. Jason will be busy with the mob side of sweeps and Liz will be unhappy with Sam's presence around her boys.