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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 22, 08

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I loved Tracy’s new hair. It really suits her and she looks great. I liked that Lulu did a double take when she saw it, because I’m sure that’s what we all did. Now, can we give Tracy a storyline while were waiting for TG to come back.

Why is Dr Julian, the hotshot cardiologist, still looking after Liz? It’s bad enough to stretch the imagination that he looked after her in the ER that day, but days later? Uhm no. I’m thinking whatever GP is on duty that day would be the one looking in on her.

Why are they keeping Jerry’s mystery man a mystery? Unless it turns out to be someone we already know on canvas, which, according to rumors it isn’t, then why can’t we see him?

Lucky/Jake: Seriously, those two are beyond cute together. GV seems to have a way with kids and I loved that baby Jake alternated between looking directly in GV’s face and looking up at whatever lights and microphones were above his head.

Liz/Carly: As a Liz fan and a non Carly fan, I’m curious as to what others think here. I’ve never liked the character of Carly and her incredibly dumb behaviour since she found out Jake’s paternity has not helped the situation. So imagine my annoyance when she shows up in Liz’ hospital room to snark once again. Liz, who injured herself to save her child getting the smackdown of being an unfit mother from Carly, CARLY of all people. Really? Really Carly? She’s lucky lightning didn’t strike her at that very moment.

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I am curious though, for all the Carly fans out there, how are you all feeling about the way Carly is being written in this story? I can’t really believe anyone agrees with what she’s doing.

Line of the day:

Liz to Carly: “Go to therapy, Carly. Get some help. Figure out why you’re so obsessed with this whole thing. In the meantime, just let it go.”

Second best line of the day:

Jax to Carly: “Michael’s growing up. You should too.”


Why does Monica bring the flask to work and then fill the water bottle with it? Wouldn’t it be simpler to fill the water bottles at home and leave the flask there as well.

The Psychic award goes to Lulu, who somehow knew that Jason was at Carly’s, in order to bring him Liz’s gift. Maybe she should use those powers to find the illusive, half dead Johnny!

Loved Mac getting mad at Felicia. It was well deserved. However, the whole DNA file/report thing is way lame. Why would such an important document be left sitting on a desk where hundreds of people walk by it? Would it really have Georgie Jones’ murder written on it in gigantic letters? And why get upset that the paper inside is missing? If you’re stupid enough to leave it lying around in the first place, you shouldn’t be surprised it’s gone. Just ask for another copy and move on.