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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.22.08

Here's the Scoop!

Carly calls Cameron a bastard!  She'll take Liz to task for chasing Cam while leaving Jake locked in a burning house.  This is Carly's plan for declaring Liz an unfit mother.

Since no one can have a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy on General Hospital, Robin will have some health problems during her pregnancy.  Robin's health issues were SPOILED months ago but at that time they were to affect her attempts at conceiving.  Now I am hearing that she will have some complications.  It may be similar to Stacey's problem on NightShift or Robin's viral load may increase.  The Elizabeth and Robin friendship will develop around them both being single moms and her health problems will have Robin spending more time with her family.  Anna may be back if Finola's schedule permits it.  What about Patrick?  Well I am hearing that he will feel that he and Robin are over now that she is pregnant.  Something may happen though.  Robin may tell Patrick the truth when something bad happens.  Did GH learn its lesson with long drawn out baby drama?  One RUMOR says Patrick may learn the truth during sweeps.   RUMORS go on to say that Patrick decides he wants to be there for Robin, even if he's not the father.  Robin will need to see Patrick's desire to be with her, for her and the baby, not just because it's his child.  

Jerry and Alexis are a go.  It should play out slowly.  Jerry's motivations for working with the mob may not be as selfish as the fans may think.  RUMORS say Jerry's dealings could be more about keeping those he cares about safe.  Jerry messes up and someone close to him will pay.  Is Alexis' attack the work of the TMK or one of Jerry's associates?  Where does Ric factor in? Well he's still holding a torch for Alexis and he'll do all he can to keep her and the girls safe. What will Alexis do when she has more faith in Ric but more attraction to Jerry?

Ric will be all mob! Sonny and Trevor want what he has and Ric is loving the power he has over his brother and father.  What about his job as the DA?  Will Scotty be taking over?  I am seeing RUMORS that Scotty is due for a promotion.  Speaking of Scotty, he's got his son with him, is his daughter soon to follow?  RUMORS of Serena Baldwin coming to town are all over the place. 

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Just how much is GH going to put the character of Maxie through?  Her mom leaves her, her boyfriend is shot in the middle of the park, her sister is killed and now she'll find Cooper hanging dead.  We talk about the destruction of the Quartermaines all the time, what about the Scorpios?  Maxie and Spinelli will form a friendship during their quest to find Georgie and possibly Coop's killer.  It should only be a friendship though.  I am still hearing that Maxie will be for Logan when Lulu goes for Johnny.  Will Logan be Maxie's savior when she spirals out of control?

Who Killed Cooper Barrett? Someone did, his apparent suicide is anything but.  When Logan confronts Coop, he will admit that he saw Georgie in the park. 

Will they finally give us the NEM storyline that was first reported?  I am now hearing that Emily will help Nikolas re-trace those final moments before her death. 


Marianna's run comes to an end...tragically.  A Liason wedding? Emily will not be brought back from the dead.  Natalia is done when her contract is.  Were the RUMORS of Leyla accusing Patrick of Sexual Harrassment a little premature? I am hearing it may be Dr. Devlin that Leyla files suit against. Has Tracey had enough of Luke? Claudia and Dr. Devlin? Is mini-mobster hiding his own firearm?