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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.23.08

Here's the Scoop!

Sam and Liz.... I mentioned that Liz is the one to tell Lucky all of Sam's lies. Well when Liz finds Jake in Sam's care she goes off on Sam.  But Sam wants to call a truce because she thinks she's falling in love with Lucky.   Liz calls Sam a user and tells her there's no way Lucky will love you when I tell him all you've done.  This is when Elizabeth will go to Lucky and finally tell all. 

Speaking of LuSam... they're RUMORED to break up after Liz tells all. Lucky will be doing the dumping. RUMORS say when Sam receives a text message from the killer, Lucky doesn't believe her. He'll call her a liar and hang up on her.  Sam receives another message, one that tells her the killer is nearby.  She makes a run for it, right into traffic. We've talked about the popularity of LuSam plenty, is this popularity enough to keep this pairing going?

What about Nikolas? Tyler Christopher has three and a half years left on his contract and they killed off his leading lady. With the latest BUZZ being that Natalia Livingston is done come May, who will Nikolas' next love interest be? Nadine is a character we love! But is she the right match for the dark prince? RUMORS about a Sarah Webber recast have been out there and reignited when Sarah Brown annouced her return. Now I am hearing that Erin Hershey (Alison, Port Charles) may be making her return to Port Chuck. Could she be the new Sarah Webber? Nikolas and Sarah have a history. 

Robin Scorpio, hypocrite?  She's blown the cover off of two paternity secrets and now she's keeping one of her own.  Some may call her a hypocrite, I am sure Carly would.  Patrick's not helping the situation.  Robin will overhear him say once again that he does not want children.  

Monica's story is developing.  Tracey does factor into it as I am seeing RUMORS that she serves Monica with a malpractice suit.  The RUMORS go on to say that Tracey gets herself kicked out of The Q Mansion.  Looks like Monica is not too happy about being sued by her sister-in-law.  I'm sure we'll hear the classic lines: "this is my house" "I gave it to you" So I would guess Alan the ghostly conscience makes an appearance. We can also add drunk driving to Monica's story. 

Tracey and Luke will have some problems when he returns.  January 31st is the date that I am hearing.  Looks like Tony Geary took a short vacation after all. 

January 31st is a busy day at GH.  It's the first day of sweeps, Sarah Brown debuts as Claudia Zacchara, Luke returns and the new opening premieres!  

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I rarely use dates.  I hate them because things always change but there are some events happening that a little timeline assistance my be helpful to the GH faithful.  So here it goes: the week of the 28th starts with Cooper being found dead.  Spinelli comes up with his "theory" about the murders and the killer.  Robin tells Patrick that she is pregnant, by an anonymous sperm donor.  Lucky learns the truth about Sam and Luke returns.  Claudia and Sonny hook up and the week ends with Lucky not believing that Sam is in trouble.  Is the belief that Cooper was the TMK why Lucky thinks Sam is lying?

Timing is everything...and I am hearing that Dr. Devlin, th mob and Robin's pregnancy storylines are happening at the same time for a reason.  I already spilled the possible connection between Robin and Ian and maybe even Jerry.  Who is Dr. Ian Devlin and why does he know all about Jerry Jacks, James Craig and Moreau?

A theme for this Sweeps?  One that's been thrown out there is the Power of Love vs. the Love of Power.  Who fits where and who is stuck in the middle?

Move in Date for Liason...I am hearing after Sweeps. The hard push, yet long dragged out story of Liason...Jason will be busy with the mob all sweeps leaving little time for Elizabeth.  Does something happen to validate Jason's decisons?  

Damien Spinelli, PI.  He will get his Private Investigating license online.  Maxie and Spinelli team up to prove Cooper's innocence.


Is Kristina grabbed?  RUMORS have Kristina being used to get to Alexis and Sam.  The killer wants Alexis to die and Sam to watch and they'll use Kristina as the bait that has Alexis following all the instructions that are beiing texted to her.  

I mentioned Michael's hidden gun... does he shoot someone that he thinks is threatening Carly OR does Morgan find the gun and accidently shoots himself? 

A secret in Kate's past that could explain why she's always running away.  What tragedy brings Kate back to Sonny?