Joshua Morrow Named Sexiest Dude Alive in 2008 by TV Guide Canada



TV Guide Canada has named Joshua Morrow the "Sexiest Dude in 2008" and has an interview with him. We've posted an excerpt below from the interview.

TVG: And the viewers, as well. Nick hasn’t regained the two years he lost after the plane crash back yet — why?

JM: The only benefit of keeping him in the dark is if Nick lied about Summer’s DNA test. That’d be a doozy of an explosion.

TVG: To me, it seems out of character that Nick would lie about being Summer’s real dad.

JM: I’ve always told my bosses I’ll tell whatever story they want, but I have expressed my concern if indeed Nick’s lying. Nick’s not a bad guy; that’s just a vicious thing to do — to take another man’s child. I don’t know why he would ever do something like that — even if he were still dealing with Cassie’s death, but that’s not an excuse in my book. That being said, that’s probably what’s going to happen. I, as a person, don’t think Nick’s moral compass would’ve allowed that to happen.

Is Joshua Morrow the "Sexiest Dude of 2008"?