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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.24.08


Here's the Scoop!

Jason and Elizabeth continue to meet at the Safehouse.  RUMORS say their relationship is forced out in the open.  Remember the theme for sweeps... the Power of Love OR the Love of Power.  What will Jason choose?  He's finally realizing that life is dangerous, not just his life.  Elizabeth is still scared what Jason's life could mean for their son.  We'll see more and more of Jason's need to be a family with Elizabeth and her boys. 

Is it Dr. Devlin or Dr. Evil?  Jerry's connection to the new doc may be getting Alexis in some trouble.  What's the real connection between Jerry and Ian?  Remember, Ian has called Jerry "old friend" a few times now.  Well there are RUMORS out there that say Dr. Devlin could be a little more McSteamy than we thought.  He may be the one who gave Jerry Jacks his new face.  Dr. Evil may also be behind the drug used to keep Nikolas in line.  Its pretty obvious to Patrick's med school buddy that Patrick is harboring some pretty strong feelings for Robin.  Dr. Devlin is a huge flirt, he pretty much flirts with every woman on GH's staff. Is Nurse Leyla setting her sights on the new Doctor?  It looks like Leyla may be looking to make Patrick jealous. 

Robin and Patrick are arguing when she lets it slip that she is preggers!

Sonny does not want to deal with his one night stand that turns out to be his enemy so of course, he has Jason deal with Claudia.  What about Skate?  Have they been dropped in favor of Claudia?  I don't know for sure but it seems that TPTB are tring to recapture the magic Maurice Bernard and Sarah Brown once had.  Kate will confide in Jax and they will continue to discuss business matters.  

Here is what I am hearing about Kate.  She'll want to fix what broke between her and Sonny but it'll take her coming clean about why she ran away, both times.  Kate is ready to tell Sonny the truth but she may get hurt in the process.  Sonny goes to her but will Kate be able to finally be honest with Sonny?

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Claudia is in charge and she makes that perfectly clear to Trevor.  Anthony may even be afraid of what his daughter is capable of.   Like her or not, Claudia comes in and immediately makes trouble for Corinthos-Morgan.  This impresses those around the Zacchara organization.  She also knows how to push her brother's buttons, by using Lulu.

I mentioned Marianna's short run as a character on GH.  RUMORS say Trevor has a deal with Marianna.  Convince Ric to make peace with his father, which she seems to be successful at as I am hearing that Ric does allow the Zacchara's to use his piers and shipping lanes.  It's when Marianna decides Trevor is bad news and wants out of their deal that she might end up dead. It looks like Ric and Marianna will sleep together.

Sam is the victim of a hit and run. She's attacked by the killer and gets away only to be hit be a car.  Who did the hitting?  Monica gets behind the wheel of her car, drunk and I am hearing that Elizabeth may think she was the one that hit Sam.  Is this a re-do of the Courtney ran over Liz storyline?   RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth tells Jason she thinks she may have hit Sam when she fell asleep at the wheel.  She's having nightmares about the fire and can't sleep.  Jason isn't convinced that Elizabeth is responsible for the accident.  BUT, I am still hearing that Elizabeth is not involved in the accident.  Has someone gone too far in their plot against Elizabeth? Will Sam be able to identify the person that hit her? Who else is behind the wheel of a car that night? Despite their bad relationship, would Jason cover for Monica if the need arises?

More on the Morgan RUMORS.  Michael stashes a gun for his family's protection.  Morgan finds it and thinks its just a toy.  He accidentally shoots himself.  I am hearing we DO NOT SEE THIS ONSCREEN.  I am assuming IF this happens, the actual shooting is a Fade to Black  (FTB) scene.  Again, IF this happens, Morgan is said to survive but this will bring up some harsh truths for Sonny, Carly and Jason.  Also, I am hearing that Laura Wright has filmed a PSA to air about the dangers of firearms in the home.  

Carly has been trying to get knocked up.  Well RUMORS say she will give Jax some good news that she is in fact having their baby.  Dr. Lee is said to warn Carly that due to her fertility troubles, her pregnancy is delicate and high risk.  IF the Morgan RUMROS are true, will Carly lose the baby?

When Cooper's body is found, the DNA test results are also his pocket!  The PCPD think they've found their killer, Jason thinks its all a set-up.  Maxie want to prove that Cooper is not the TMK. 

Kristina factors into the TMK storyline.  The killer goes after Sam and Alexis and winds up with Kristina.  Jerry will be there for Alexis.  I am hearing that Kristina will be OK.