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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam's Hit and Run!


I spoiled Sam's hit and run already.  She's the victim, who's the driver?  There seems to be a long list of suspects already with Monica leading the pack.  Monica gets behind the wheel of her car after she's been drinking.  

Here's what we know will happen:  Sam is attacked by the killer. When she tells Lucky she's in trouble, he won't believe her.  Lucky knows all about Sam's lies at this point and thinks Sam is just crying wolf.  Not a far stretch since she's done that before to Jason.  Well this time Sam is telling the truth and someone is after her.  Is it the TMK?  The PCPD thinks they caught their man, hanging.  Sam manages to get away from her attacker and runs, right into a car.  She's knocked unconscious and the driver high tails it out of there.  I am hearing that Sam is OK, she's brought into GH still unconscious and she has some broken ribs.  Lucky feels horrible about not believing her cry for help.  Will Sam be able to ID the driver?  

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Back to the list of possible suspects.  It looks like there are a few residents out driving the night Sam is hit.  One is a drunken Monica, another is an exhausted Elizabeth.  Carly and Nikolas may also be out on the roads.  Carly is said to be upset and Nikolas, well Nikolas is a little crazy right now.  

Monica is said to "cover her tracks" while Elizabeth is RUMORED to tell Jason she thinks she fell asleep at the wheel and may have hit Sam with her car.  Nikolas can't remember anything he's done lately and Carly is RUMORED to be very upset while she's out driving.  

What I am hearing:  That it is in fact Monica who hit Sam.  Jason finds this out and covers the crime up for his mother but he may be making trouble for his lady love, Elizabeth.  See, Sam may be fingering Elizabeth as the driver of the car that hit her as yet another way to get revenge on her nemesis and Carly just might use this as another way to declare Elizabeth an unfit mother. 

Will the viewers know who hit Sam?  I am hearing no.