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General Hospital Spoilers: Who is the Text Message Killer?


Lets talk Text Message Killer!   RUMORS are all over the place about who is the Text Message Killer.  

Here's the latest:  Cooper took the DNA report that shows he was a match to the skin cells found under Georgie's nails.  Logan is said to find the results in Cooper's room and he confronts his war buddy who tells him "I didn't do it!"  Cooper does admit to Logan that he saw Georgie but when he left her, she was alive.  RUMORS say Cooper has a conversation with Daniel, the bussboy at Kelley's and an argument with Jerry in the upcoming episodes.  He'll also talk to Maxie about taking a road trip up to Canada.  Maxie goes to Cooper's room and finds him hanging, dead.  Jason and Mike hear her screams downstairs at the diner and race up to Cooper's room.  The PCPD are convinced they've got their man.  He has the DNA results in his pocket, he was close to the case, he must be the killer, right?  Wrong! Well, maybe wrong.  Jason's not so sure Coop's the killer.  It all looks a little too set-up for his liking.  


How does Logan factor in?  Its been well known that Josh Duhon has been playing the part of the TMK.  That doesn't mean he is the killer but there are RUMORS that a mask and black clothing are found in Logan's apartment.  

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Now Diego!  Let me start by saying this is MY ASSUMPTION based on RUMORS out and about.  The latest RUMORS are that the killer is not on canvas at all, well at least not yet.  These RUMORS go on to say that the killer is someone that was on the show but has been gone for awhile.  Long standing RUMORS have said that when the killer is revealed, it'll make sense why he chose his victims, how they all tie together.  NOW, the only problem I see with Diego being the killer is that Georgie and Diego were friends.  Why would he kill his friend? My thoughts: she stopped Maxie's attack and the killer may think she can ID him.  

Who do you think is the TMK?