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Carolyn Hinsey: Behind the Scenes Amid Daytime Labor Drama

We've all been wondering who is in charge of what at our favorite soaps. Now, thanks to Carolyn Hinsey's latest article in the NY Daily News we know who is in charge of what during the writers strike.

Here is a breakdown of the soaps from her article but you'll want to read the entire article for all the juicy details.

Young & Restless: "The Young and the Restless is now helmed by Josh Griffith, who was Y&R's co-executive producer and prior to that co-head writer of One Life to Live."

As The World Turns: "Another exec widely believed to be filling in as head writer now (although not officially credited) is As the World Turns executive producer Christopher Goutman.

General Hospital: "Longtime General Hospital writer Garin Wolf has gone "FiCore" (Financial Core, which allows WGA union members to return to work without censure) and is now the only name credited."

All My Children: "James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten have also gone FiCore and are co-head writers of All My Children."

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One Life to Live: "Brought in its former executive producer, Gary Tomlin, as head writer; he previously wrote for Another World."

Days of Our Lives: "Days" is using former "OLTL" head writer Dena Higley."

The Bold and the Beautiful: "Is being written by former "Y&R" head writer Kay Alden."

Guiding Light:
"Was the most ahead when the strike hit; the current staff is unconfirmed."

Probably the juiciest tidbit from the article was this "Our head writer had a few pets that [he/she] always wrote for. The new one is writing for everybody."

One can only imagine which show she talking about there.