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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.25.08

Here's the Scoop!

Jerry and Alexis.  He'll be there for her when Kristina is used against her and Sam.  Jerry decides Alexis is more important than his dealings.  He'll be punished for neglecting his duties.  But it may be someone else paying for Jerry's mistakes.  The almost kiss is still coming.  There are RUMORS of a real kiss coming up for the pair.  I am still hearing that TPTB are behind the pairing of Jerry and Alexis (JLex).

Add a suspect to the who hit Sam list.  Maxie!  I am hearing she may be the emotional wreck out on the road, not Carly.  Don't count Carly out just yet though.  She may not be pregnant afterall. Her test may actually be a false positive and she has to tell Jax they are not having a baby afterall.  There will be four suspects in the hit and run.  This will be a sub-stroy during sweeps.  Jason looks into who hit Sam and he'll find out that Monica has had something done to her car.

Michael's story continues.  Carly will see just how affected Michael is by Sonny's life. Will this have her reconsidering her decision to expand her family?  

To Ric, Marianna becomes a chance to move on but when she turns up dead, Ric changes his mind.  Its a deal she's made with Trevor that may be the end of poor Marianna.  Before her death, it looks like Ric was prepared to let go of the piers.  Who he was planning on giving them to, I'm not sure.  After, all bets are off.  Ric is RUMORED to use his piers to create more trouble. 

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When Claudia comes to Port Charles Trevor and Johnny want her to leave before a mob war starts, one she can't handle.  We'll find out that Claudia left home at 16, she was banished along with her mother.

Maxie confronts Jerry!  RUMORS say maxie confronts Jerry about Cooper.  She's looking for answers about Coop's death and she doesn't think her boyfriend killed himself. 

Edward gives Monica his blessing... to kick Tracey out of the Quartermaine Mansion.  Where will Luke, Tracey and Lulu go?


Is someone getting married?  There is a RUMOR about the Valentine's episode.  I'm not sure if it is a montage ending, but it looks like Diane may be giving Scott a certificate of marriage when he serves her with some papers.  Also mentioned as making a V-Day appearance: Elizabeth and Jason are together; Johnny and Lulu, post-coital; and Jax and Carly.