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General Hospital: Marianna ReCast!

Soap Opera Network is reporting that General Hospital has recast the role of Marianna, Ric's new love interest.  


Yeniffer Behrens replaces  America Olivo in the role.  Why the recast? Story direction is the reason for the change.  

What does this mean for the character of Marianna who is RUMORED to die at the end of her short-term run? Remember, will see that Marianna is working with Trevor against Ric.  She is RUMORED to have a change of heart and want out of her deal with Trevor.  She was to become expendable to Trevor. 

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Do you think Marianna is sticking around?

Soap Opera Network gives an interesting fun fact.  

A similar scenario took place on "GH" while a storyline was just beginning in 2000, when Chad Brannon replaced newcomer Marc Brett in the role of Zander Smith.

Ironically enough, Behren's appeared on the soap in 2005 as a dayplayer by the name of Jecina.