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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 25, 08

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Am I the only one who totally didn’t find Dr Devlin to be good looking? In fact, I found him very wussy/wimpy and if he’s the one who’s been dealing with Jerry, not manly enough for that role. Totally doesn’t look like the type of guy who’d have a tattoo on his shoulder. Actually looked like the type of guy who’d cry as soon as the tattoo artist started! And really, ALL the women find him hot?? Puhleeze. We don’t all have the same taste in men. One of them should have looked at him and dismissed him.

Doesn’t Michael have bodyguards? Should he and 5 year old Morgan be wandering the streets at night when there’s a killer on the loose? Mike didn’t even seem concerned. He just chuckled and sent them on their merry way.

Carly/Kate: I really, really wanted Kate to let her have it. I wanted Kate to admit that she’s known Sonny far longer than Carly has. I wanted Kate to admit that she turned Sonny’s proposal down. I wanted a good catfight with Carly on the losing end.

Carly/Jason: I did like the Carly smackdown, but felt he could have given her even more. It seemed, as soon as she got a little teary eyed that he backdowned.

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LuSam: I see the potential, but until she comes clean, I don’t see the potential. He was talking about trust and that would have been the perfect opportunity to tell him the truth. And now, it will be out of her hands. However KeMo playing peekaboo with baby Jake was the cutest thing ever!!

Coop/Logan: Good scene between these two. Why is it that when an actor’s leaving, that’s when they do their best work. I still don’t understand why Coop’s name was on that paper though. They wanted to prove that Johnny killed Georgie, therefore, only Johnny’s name should have been on the paper. Would have made more sense if we’d seen Coop run his own test, with his DNA to see if the cells on her fingernails were his. Otherwise, makes no sense.

Why didn’t anyone respond to Maxie’s screams? Lulu, Logan and Mike are all at the counter, yet no one responded. And by the previews from Monday, it looks like Jason shows up after the first scream and he’s the one who runs upstairs.