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One Life to Live: Who is Rex Balsom's Father?

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Ok, so Rex's aunt dropped the bomb that his father may not be his father. Obviously this raises the question "Who is Rex's father"? We've speculated in the past that we'd love for it to be Bo considering how great of a dynamic Bo and Rex have.

However, if Bo was Rex's father wouldn't we have had some sort of indication from Roxie or Bo that they had a past together?

What about Mr. Banks? Could Rex and Jared be brothers? If so, wouldn't we have seen some sort of spark of recognition between Roxie and and Mr. Banks today?

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We know that David Vickers is Asa's son so the likelihood of Rex being Asa's son is slim to none. But what if he were? Can you imagine Roxie and Asa hooking up? EWWWW

I doubt that the father would be Clint so who does that really leave that is currently on screen?

If it isn't someone onscreen who off screen with history to the show could be Rex's father?

Could Rex be Victor Lord's son and half brother to Vicki and Todd?

What about Carlo Hesser? Could Rex be his son?

What about a cross over?

All My Children
and One Life to Live have done a cross over several times already with mixed results. However, could Rex be Adam Chandler's son? We know that Dorian and Adam know each other so what's to say, back in the day before Adam made his fortune, that he and Roxie hooked up? Maybe in the time between Pigeon Hollow and Pine Valley?

Who do you want to be Rex's father?