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General Hospital: TV Guide's Exclusive Interview with Sarah Brown Part 2

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For those of you who enjoyed Part 1 of TV Guide's Interview with General Hospital's Sarah Brown be sure to check out Part 2. We've posted an excerpt but be sure to check out the entire article at TV Guide. What's the dynamic between Claudia and Brandon Barash's Johnny?

Brown: It's going to be complicated. Johnny was little, apparently, when I left, so Brandon is playing pretty young, I guess. Johnny was young when I was banished and sent away to live with my mother, who had been banished earlier. But I grew up with my father until I was 16 and Johnny was about 8. I was very protective and loving of my "baby brother," so it's parallel to Into the Wild, though there's a little more scab-picking to be done between the two of us. The brother and sister in that movie are close because they're growing up in a loony bin of a household. There was yelling going on [at the Zaccharas'], a manic-depressive bipolar father.... I haven’t spoken to him since I was banished.

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Brown: I work with Maurice [Benard] first, as a nice little wink to the audience. We have to do those things. They've got to put us together because there is all this history coming into it. I'm glad my first scenes were with Maurice. Are there other "winks" in the dialogue, like, "You remind me of someone I know" or...?

Brown: [Laughs] There was a line, but it doesn’t end up on the show. It was very similar to what you said, like Sonny says, "This feels familiar," and I say, "Familiarity breeds contempt."

Thanks to Katie B for the tip!