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Hunter Tylo Files Wrongful Death Suit

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People is reporting that Bold and Beautiful star Hunter Tylo has filed a wrongful death suit Thursday against the therapist who was counseling her son Michael Tylo before his deah last fall. We've posted an excerpt below. Check out the article for all the details.

Tylo's claim comes in the form of an amendment to an April 2006 malpractice lawsuit filed against therapist Shanna Downing, who was counseling multiple members of the Tylo family in 2004 and 2005. In court papers filed Jan. 24, Tylo asserted that Michael's death "is related to Michael's seizure disorder which the defendants failed to properly diagnose, refer for diagnosis or treat."

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In the declaration, Tylo says these past several months have been difficult. "The recent and sudden death of my son has caused me even much more grief, anxiety, sadness and emotional and financial distress than I ever imagined I would face when filing my initial complaint. I have not been able to properly and fully work and function in life."