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Days of Our Lives: The Ireland Adventure Begins - Spoilers 1.28.08

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First off, I have to give kudos to the Johnson family last week when Patch learned of Stephanie's rape.  I thought those scenes, especially by Steve, were fantastic. What else rocked...oh, Marlena v Stefano and the truth serum... 'nuff said.

Now let's go straight to the spoilers for this week's episodes of Days Of Our Lives.

"John", Marlena and Stefano: YES! The Revenge of Marlena continues!!  Like a lot of people, I was worried we might lose snarky Marlena with John's reappearance, but it appears my fears were unfounded.  This week, after Marlena drugged Stefano with the 'aspirin' in Friday's episode, she makes it look like he's had a stroke.  In reality, Stefano's in a catatonic state, aware of everything that's going on around him; and Marlena is only too pleased to relay this information to him.  Sounds like a deliciously evil DiMera plot to me...  and, by the way, who knew it was that easy to incapacitate Stefano?? They should have tried this YEARS ago (A collective smack! is heard as the entire Salem PD connects head with palm).  Later, John convinces Marlena to make the trip to Ireland with him, remembering the name of a priest there that can help him with his "mission".  When they arrive, they are surprised to find... dah dah daaaah... the undead Colleen.  She tells them she faked her death (anyone watching Days could have told them that months ago LOL).

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello... 'Blink and you'll miss her' Adrienne is leaving this week, she and the boys are off to Dubai (what a waste of Judi Evans), however, we do get the return of Tony, Anna and Lexie (the cynic in me wonders for how long).  I'd like to pose a question to everyone... my memory says that Lexie lost her medical licence due to lying to Carrie about her fertility - did she actually lose her licence or just her job at the Hospital?  If she lost her licence, I'd like to know how someone without a medical licence becomes the new Chief of Staff of University Hospital??  I know, I know... this is Days... drink the coolade LOL.  Poor Anna gets the wrong end of the stick, her imagination going into overdrive when Tony tells her he has a surprise for her.  She thinks he's finally going to make an honest woman out of her, but unfortunately (un)romantic Tony has bought her something far more practical than a diamond ring in a platinum setting... a business!  Watch out for Anna's reaction... methinks she's not going to be a happy camper - and she'll make it known in true Anna style (I can't wait, should be gold viewing).

Bope/Payla: Hope announces her return to the Salem PD (the citizens of Salem breathe a sigh of relief), Steve continues his confrontation with Crawford Decker and Kayla discovers there is something wrong with Bo (insert your own snarky comment here... there's just too many to choose from LOL).

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Shelle/Phelle/Shloe/Phloe: continue the hunt for Claire.  Chloe puts the high heel down and gets the group to start working together (shock!).  They all hop on the Kiriakis jet when their clues point them towards (surprise surprise) Ireland... Claire will be revealed... I'll give you 3 guesses who has her...

EJami: Bit light on the EJ and Samantha story this week, they're still hiding out, but that plan gets more complicated when little Allie becomes sick.  EJ finds out that Stefano is in a 'coma' and tells Sami they are now safe.

Sorority:Chelsea comes clean to Crawford Decker about Ford's death, resulting in Crawford making waves for her arrest and vowing that all those responsible for Ford's death will pay.  Max comes forward with Ford's body (I said it last week, but I'll say it again. EW EW EWWWWWW!). 

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Kayla is pregnant (at last)
  • The return of Victor (and the beginning of the end of Kate??)
  • The identity of John's mother is revealed...
  • Bo sick??
  • The end of Colleen (wasn't that quick?)