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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 28,08

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Sonny/Kate: First off, what have they done to Kate’s hair? She used to have the best hair on the show, and now she has bangs that look like an 8 year old cut them with rusty scissors. No, just no. Now that that’s out of the way, very interesting conversation between these two today. Kate was totally right. Sonny doesn’t love Kate, the mega serious magazine mogel, he loves the idea of Connie, the simple girl that he could boss around, who left him years ago. And Sonny really just confirmed that when he wouldn’t listen to what she was actually saying and then kicked her out. I certainly hope that was the eye opener she needed to break free, because otherwise, she’s just a lost cause. Kate honey, go see Mac. He could use the female company right now and he likely won’t treat you like a five year old.

Liz/Sam: Kudos to Becky and Kelly today. Also, kudos to the writers for those scenes because I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Liz made some good points. Sam made some good points. Nobody really won or lost at any time. Excellent acting from Becky when she started feeling faint, because I actually believed it. Interesting that Sam caught her as she fainted. And again, baby Jake, staring into Becky’s face as she was talking, was cute too. My only question, where’s Audrey, and why is it taking her so long to get there to babysit.

Monica/Tracy: I actually agree with Tracy. In a way, it’s nasty that she’s suing her sister in law, but that sister in law nearly killed her husband and then admitted it to several people. This is shaping up to be rather interesting.

Does Trevor not pay his electricity bills? Why is it always so freakin’ dark in that house? And why does Johnny let him talk to him that way? Come on Johnny, you’re hot, now be smart too.

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Dr Devlin: Still smarmy.

Coop/Maxie/Jason: Ok, at least they explained why Jason happened to be at Kelly’s at that moment, because Coop called him to talk. I wish Logan had told the whole truth about his talk with Cooper, that Coop had told him he saw Georgie in the park. That would explain the boot prints matching. Kudos to Kristen Storms, she did some fine work again today as always.

Ric/Marianna: I don’t know where they’re going with this anymore, but I’m starting to not care, and that’s not good, since it involves my man Ric.