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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.28.08

Here's the Scoop!

The TMK is focused on Alexis and her family.  Not only is Sam attacked, but both Alexis and Sam continue to get messages from the killer.  AND, Kristina is taken as a way to get to Sam and Alexis BUT that's not the only reason.  RUMORS say Kristina sees the killer!  Alexis is RUMORED to step out of the DA's chair leaving it open for Scott to take over.  Are Jerry and Alexis gettign closer during this crisis?  I am hearing a full on kiss may be happening for the pair. Its the help Jerry gives to Alexis during Kristina's crisis that has Jerry in deep do-do with the Zacchara's and Ian.  Alexis finds out about Jerry's dealings after he's in trouble for helping her instead of overseeing another shipment.  There are RUMORS that the Kristina twist to this storyline isn't all that long.  RUMORS say its over very quickly.

Does Dr. Devlin already have an in with Dr. Scorpio?  Ian is said to move his drugs through General Hospital.  Will Ian show some interest in Robin's drug therapies? He'll also be interested in her connection to Jason Morgan.  Speaking of Robin it looks like there is alot coming up for Dr. Scorpio.  She's pregnant, finding a new confidante in Elizabeth, dealing with Patrick and Leyla, and don't forget her upcoming health problems that may impact her pregnancy.  Also, Robin will try to help Maxie who is getting dealt a really bad hand in life. 

We've asked this question before, just how much can Maxie handle before she completely loses it?  Today she finds Cooper hanging from the rafters of his room above Kelly's.  Not only is she still reeling from her sister's death, now she must cope with another dead boyfriend.  Kirsten Storms has been fantastic and seems to handle anything TPTB throw at her.  What's next?  I've told you she teams up with Spinelli to find Georgie and Cooper's killer.  I'm not seeing a romance for Maxelli, but a friendship is being developed for the pair.  Are Maxie and Spinelli the next Carly and Jason?  I am hearing that Maxie and Spinelli may find themselves in a bit of trouble soon.

Another Girl's Night Out?  That's the RUMOR.  The popular ladies nights at Jakes are said to happen again minus a few of the ladies.  It looks like Elizabeth and a pregnant Robin will sit this one out.  Leyla, Kelly, Nadine and Lainey will be heading to Jakes to drown their sorrows.  

What about the RUMORED custody battle with Lucky and Elizabeth?  It looks like it got pushed until after sweeps if it happens at all.  Sweeps will focus on the Mob and the TMK with the sub-story being Who Ran Over Sam?  I am hearing more and more that Carly is out on the road when Sam is hit.  RUMORS say she is trying to dial her phone when driving.  Elizabeth is RUMORED to not know what or who she hit but she was on the same road that Sam was hit on.  During the accident Elizabeth hits her head and cannot remember what happened.  Remember, the person chasing Sam is RUMORED to be hit as well. 

Mac alert!  RUMORS that he'll look back at his life as a father.  Especially now that the PCPD thinks his daughter was dating a serial killer.  I am hearing Mac has a conversation with Lucky about faherhood. 

Remember the RUMORS of Tracey getting a ten million dollar check?  Well the latest RUMORS are that Jerry is the one cutting the check. 

Jason and Elizabeth will be together on Valentine's Day.  It'll seem like Liason won't be able to spend V-Day together but in the end they will be at the safe house together. 

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...even if you haven' t been in the orchard in awhile.  Claudia Z is RUMORED to use daddy's tactic, by going after her enemies loved ones.  RUMORS say that towards the end of sweeps an attempt on Johnny's life has Claudia seeking revenge.  She's RUMORED to believe that Sonny and Jason are behind the botched hit when RUMORS go on to say its really Jerry and Trevor.  Is Trevor feeding Claudia information on Jason Morgan?  I am hearing he may tell Claudia that Elizabeth Webber is someone important to Jason.  Is this another way GH is trying to recapture the magic that is Sarah Brown?  Elizabeth and Sarah's Carly had a few battles over Jason.  

Kate may not be spilling all that big of a secret to Jax.  I am hearing she tells him she is Connie Falconari.  


Elizabeth winds up back in the hospital.  She's RUMORED to tear open her stiches.

Could Sam's accident affect the custody situation?  Maybe.  There are some RUMORS that Sam will claim Elizabeth was the one who hit her even though Sam really has no idea who was behind the wheel.  RUMORS go onto say that this could lead to Elizabeth being arrested and Lucky being awarded custody of Cameron and Jake. The BIG Sam acting out of revenge when she says Liz hit her?  I am hearing that Sam may overhear Elizabeth tell Jason she thinks she may have hit Sam.  When and IF Sam says Elizabeth hit her, Sam may really believe it was Elizabeth.  She doesn't spend too much time in jail, Diane is said to get her released and Jason posts the bail.  Lucky files for emergency custody until the case is figured out. 

So once again I ask, Who Hit Sam?  More and more the finger is being pointed at Nikolas who is RUMORED to be very upset over a missing Emily.  Is there a witness to the accident that can't come forward?  Did Elizabeth see the killer?

Jason is said to be waiting for Liz's call on Valentine's Day and wasting time with someone.  RUMORS say its Claudia Z!  Apparently GH is trying to give Jason and Carly (again Sarah Brown's Carly) fans a nod to their past.  Jason and Claudia are RUMORED to shoot a game of pool before he heads out to the safe house to meet Elizabeth.  It looks like Jason may not know who Claudia is at that point.  She is said to be waiting for Jerry and/or Ian and Jason is waiting for Elizabeth's call.

Does Morgan shoot himself...or Kate?

There are RUMORS that Detective Harper is the TMK.  Why? What would link him to the victims?  I have no idea!

Daniel, the bussboy, is Sam's biggest fan.  Does he take his obsession too far?

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