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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 29, 08

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You know, if today’s episode had only been Liz/Sam and Maxie/Spinelli it would have been great. The rest of it just brought it down a notch. So let’s start with the great.

Liz/Sam: First off, whoever’s doing Becky’s makeup is doing a bang up job, because Liz seriously looked like death warmed over. Secondly, kudos to both Kelly and Becky again today, because that conversation was riveting. Starting with Sam. Kelly’s brilliant, because Sam had me shaking my head. Yes, she did admit that she and Lucky started out as revenge and yes, she does regret her part in the Jakenapping, but that regret is more about Lucky finding out now than about actual regret. I don’t believe that she would be regretting her actions if she and Lucky weren’t an item and if she wasn’t afraid of him finding out the truth. Also, she didn’t apologize at any time, which might have gone a long way in getting back into Liz’ good graces. (and by good graces, I mean Liz allowing her to spend time alone with the boys, not good graces like they’re going to go out and party together!!). And then, when Liz doesn’t accept Sam’s “regret” but emphatically claims that she will not allow her to be alone with her children (something that I would feel as well, under the circumstances) than Sam jumps right in with the “town saint” comment. Like she didn’t get what she wanted, so she reverted back to attacks. I loved Liz’ answer to that, that she’s a single mother who works all the time, and when she’s not working, she’s doing laundry and cleaning up puke. Sam looked defeated, but at the same time, I sort of felt like she made her bed, now she has to lie in it. Or grab the bull by the horns, suck it up and tell Lucky the truth herself, and let the chips fall where they may.

Line of the day:

Sam: “What are you going to do?”

Liz; “I’m going to stay here until my leg heals than I’ll go home to my saintly duties”

Loved the look on Lucky’s face at the end. He wants to know what Sam did, and yet he really doesn’t.

Maxie/Spinelli: Ok, seriously, these two make a great team (and I don’t mean romantically). Maxie’s clearly right on the edge of losing her poor freakin’ mind and yet holding on by a tiny thread and Spin is caught between wanting to help her find Georgie’s killer and being afraid that he’ll be the one that breaks that tiny thread. Loved it all.

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Now for the bad parts of the show: anything involving Dr. Smarmy and the nurses. Also, could Logan look less upset that his good pal Coop killed himself and is probably the killer???

Johnny; hotter than the sun and richer than God, but he’s got to puppy dog after Shrieking Lulu all day? Oy, what a waste.

I know the PCPD wants to put this whole serial killer thing to bed, but what evidence do they have that Coop is the killer? The DNA results and the footprints at the park, only indicate that he was in the park with Georgie and that she scratched him. Okay, maybe they can stretch that to Coop killed Georgie, but can they stretch it to Coop killing everyone else?

How can the Qs freeze Tracy’s assets? Is that even legal?