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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.29.08

Here's the Scoop!

Jason's not convinced Cooper is the killer...are you?  So many RUMORS, I can't remember a time when I haven't been able to figure out who the killer is, until now.  I have no clue but maybe today's scoops will help me figure it out.  I have to say, GH has never kept a secret this well.  

What we do know so far... Elizabeth will be involved in an accident, just not Sam's.  She'll tell Jason that she was in an accident where she's not sure what she's hit.  Elizabeth's car will hit the guardrail and she'll hit her head on the window knocking herself unconscious.  When Liz comes to, she has no idea what or sho she hit. At the safe house, she'll start having her dreams of what happened.  Jason and Elizabeth will not know about Sam's accident. Elizabeth won't find out about Sam's accident until the next day when she's at GH.  RUMORS are pretty strong that Elizabeth does in fact hit the TMK.  The RUMORS go on to say that at the time Elizabeth hits the TMK, his mask is off.  Her dreams will be about remembering who she hit.  Will she become a target of the killer?

More on the night of the hit and run... Monica may or may not be the driver that hit Sam.  Either way she's on the road, drunk as a skunk.  What MAY happen is Monica will be a witness to the accident but because of her drunken state, she can't stop to help or wait for the cops to give a witness statement.  Monica may be avoiding another collison.  RUMORS say a swerving Monica may almost hit another driver out on the road that night.

NOW...if Monica is not the one to hit Sam and she is merely a witness, RUMORS say the driver of the car that struck Sam is Nikolas.  IF he's the guilty party, he won't believe anything has happened.  He'll think its a hallucination because of his tumor.  

Patrick, Robin and Ian will be the doctors who treat Sam after the hit and run.  Alexis will sit vigil by her daughter's bedside.  Elizabeth pays Sam a visit at GH.

Robin and her baby... RUMORS of a health scare have been out and about since we heard of Robin's pregnancy.  I am now seeing that her health scare could be blood pressure related and not about her HIV status.  Is it just me or is the HIV baby storyline about everything EXCEPT HIV?  

Girl's Night Out... I am hearing its the ladies dishing on the new hot doc.  New Hot Doc?  Where?

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MIchael hears Jason tell Carly he thinks the killer is still out there.  This only has mini-mobster more sure that buying that gun is the only way to protect his family. 

More Diane and Alexis.  They're really developing this friendship and I like it!  Alexis may be confiding in Diane that she's starting to have feelings for yet another Bad Boy. 

Daniel the Bussboy... he's a super fan of Sam's and he MAY be an intruder at Alexis' house.  This MAY be who Kristina sees and MAY be why Kristina goes missing.  Is Daniel behind Sam's attack?  That's a RUMOR out there but I am hearing he is NOT the TMK.

Carly tells Jax she is pregnant.  But is she?  We're hearing her pregnancy/hormone level test may be a false positive.  IF Carly is really not with child, will she tell her husband the truth? Carly is definitely out driving the night of the hit and run.  She's said to be an emotional wreck.  Could this be when she finds out she's really not pregnant?


There is a RUMOR out there that the TMK is revealed to the audience at the end of the Valentine's Day Episode.  This RUMOR goes on to say that the TMK is either Logan or Detective Harper. 

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