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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations: Jan 30,08

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Liz/Lucky; Wow, it wasn’t how I pictured the reveal to be, but so much better. She clearly didn’t want to tell him. She held off saying it until she absolutely had to. I loved that he told her to stop protecting him. I loved that she admitted that he’s happy and that Sam is the reason for that. Interesting that she justified Sam’s actions as being before she and Lucky were an item, to soften the blow. Interesting that he pointed out all the horrible things that have happened in the past few months as justification to his not going back to the pills. But the look of absolute defeat on Lucky’s face was heartrenching. Finding out that the woman he’s starting to care for would be capable of putting his children in harm’s way was clearly too much. Well done.

Alexis/Diane/Kate: Ok, just the thought of these three together is enough to make me giddy, so having them all in a room, chit chatting was quite exciting!! Too bad it was about Sonny, of all people. Loved when Diane first walked in, all snarky with Alexis about a case, but then both started laughing because it was all a joke. We need more scenes with these three instead of the insipid nurses.

Sonny/Jason: As much as I’m not a Jason fan, I truly dispise when Sonny gets all snarky with him the way he was today. I kept wanting Jason to reach over and smack Sonny upside the head. And why Sonny goes on and on about Johnny when its clear to everyone that Trevor is the threat, drives me bonkers.

Sonny/Kate: Truly hated the scene and hated Sonny even more than I already do. I do not want her to grovel at his feet ever again. If she goes back to him after that scene than I’m going to be seriously pissed. Take a good look Kate, because this is who Sonny really is.

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Good to see real Jax back, although I could have done without the twenty minute love session with Carly. Ick!! I will admit that I believed his fertility story, including the flogging herself with palm leaves, until he recited the poem she was supposed to say. Then I laughed. Now if only he can keep her from meddling in the Jake stuff.

Scrubs: Oy, Patrick’s an idiot. The instant the words “I’m pregnant” came out of Robin’s mouth, he should have done the math and figured it out. If he didn’t know the condom broke, than it would be different. But he does know, so that should have been the first question out of his mouth. She likely would have still denied it, for self preservation, but at least the possibility of parenthood wouldn’t have come from the janitor first.