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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.30.08

Here's the Scoop!

Welcome back Sarah Brown!  Claudia Zacchara hits the canvas tomorrow!

LuSam fans... Lucky will feel guilty about blowing Sam off when she was in trouble but don't  expect him to forgive her right away.  He'll still be upset over what happened with the kidnapping and the thugs in the park. We're hearing that Sam tells Lucky she loves him and he stays mum in response to her declaration.  Lucky does admit to someone else that he is falling in love with Sam.  Once RUMORED to admit that to Elizabeth, he may be confiding in Nikolas. 

Elizabeth's arrest puts the boys in Lucky's custody but Diane and Jason have her out pretty fast. Lucky wants emergency custody until Diane reminds him that he chooses to spend time with the woman who watched Jake be kidnapped and hired armed men to scare his then wife while the children were with her. 

Liason outed?  We've spoiled before that their status as a couple is outed soon but now we are hearing that Jake's paternity is out in the open as well.  Custody Battle scrapped?  That's another RUMOR we're hearing.  The planned custody battle has been changed.

Claudia sets her sights on Elizabeth and Jake!  Now that they're out in the open are Jason's worst fears coming true?  Remember I told you the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  We're still hearing that Liason move in together and I am sure Elizabeth and the boy's safety is the reason.

More RUMORS about the mini-mobster and the shooting. It looks like Michael may be the one with the smoking gun when someone is shot. First RUMORED that Morgan would think the gun was a toy and shoot someone, we're now hearing it may have been changed at the last minute.  We're still hearing that it will be Kate taking the bullet and Carly & Morgan are RUMORED to witness the shooting.

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Ric bringing Marianna back to Port Charles?  That's what we're hearing.  RUMORS go on to say that he'll have a flashback of his time with Elizabeth while at Kelly's with Marianna. 


Carly pregnant or not?  Laura Wright preganant or not?  RUMORS have had a leading lady expecting a child.  Is it Laura Wright? I've heard it could be Becky Herbst. 

Lucky with pills?  Jason sees him?

Familiar face onset?  Super secret?